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 Nursing Home Malpractice Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky Nursing Home Malpractice Attorneys

When leaving older family members in a Kentucky nursing home, we expect them to be treated with respect, integrity, and dignity. Professionals in the nursing industry should treat patients as they would want their own relatives to be treated. Sadly, a shocking number of elder abuse cases across the United States shows that this isn’t always the case.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to sully the name of the whole profession because thousands of care workers and nurses do an admirable job day after day. Unfortunately, a small minority take advantage of their role and abuse elderly members of nursing homes around the country.

Elder Abuse Nursing Home Statistics

In truth, the statistics surrounding elder abuse in nursing homes are worrying (to say the least!). According to the NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crime), 24 cases of elder abuse go unreported for every case that is reported. What’s more, hospitalization is three times more likely where abuse is present, and chances of death increase by 300% in those who are abused.

The NCVC also reported that nearly one-quarter of residents in a nursing home have experienced physical abuse in at least one incident. Between 2002 and 2016, there was a 75% increase in the number of assaults against men over 60 years of age. During this same period, the increase in assaults against women also jumped, this time by 35%.

Therefore, it’s a concerning trend. Your elderly family member should feel safe in a Louisville nursing home, and you should feel comfortable leaving them there. If your elderly family member has been abused, contact medical malpractice lawyers today. At The Injury Firm, our malpractice attorneys will protect the legal rights of the victim and push for compensation.

Whether you have been abused yourself or want to claim for a loved one, it all starts with a phone call to our brilliant team.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When people see the term ‘abuse’, they tend to think of the physical side. However, abuse can manifest in many different ways.

Physical - Dealing with the most widely known first, examples of physical abuse include burning, kicking, punching, pushing, pinching, excessive restraint, hair pulling, force-feeding, or even refusing to allow residents out of their room.

Neglect - While working in a nursing home, the professionals have a duty of care towards all residents. Failing to meet this duty of care could be considered negligence, and examples include not providing medication, not feeding, failing to prevent dehydration, and not helping with personal hygiene matters. If a professional doesn’t want to meet the needs of the elderly in a nursing home, they shouldn’t be on the job (it’s as simple as that!).

Sexual Abuse - As well as non-consensual sexual intercourse, sexual abuse includes sexual assault, inappropriate touching, indecent exposure, sexual jokes, crude comments, and more.

Financial Exploitation - In the past, we’ve seen cases where nursing home workers exploit the elderly and make changes to legal documents such as wills. While some force the elderly resident to make changes, others do it without permission or knowledge of the resident. Alternatively, financial exploitation could be charging for nonsensical services, cashing checks, or simply stealing cash from the resident.

Mental/Emotional Abuse - Some Kentucky elderly residents of nursing homes feel as though they are being abused emotionally, and an example would be constant cursing or scolding. Residents should feel comfortable and not as though they’re about to be threatened or belittled at any second.

Poor Management - In addition to the negligence of the staff, the operators and owners may need to be held accountable if they understaff a facility or fail to adhere to the strict hiring protocols. Employees in a Louisville nursing home should have the right training and experience - employers need to run background checks to not only look for training but also ensure that the individual doesn’t have a history of elder abuse.

Management also has a responsibility to provide the facility with the right number of workers. When overstretched, staff members might cut corners and reduce the standard of care for all residents. All residents have living and medical needs that need meeting every day, and these should never be sacrificed.

If your loved one has experienced any of these types of abuse, it’s important to seek legal counsel from medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Elder Abuse

If you want to protect a loved one, look for some of the common signs of abuse when visiting them. This includes unexplained bruising or injuries, frequent falls (with no prior history of falling), bedsores, extreme weight loss, lethargy, an unwillingness to partake in social activities, bruises on the wrists (a side effect of being restrained), loss of valuables or money, or an unsanitary nursing home.

Sometimes, family members also get a feeling when talking to caregivers or when looking around the nursing home that something might be amiss. For instance, the staff might not have an explanation for a change in medical condition or a noticeable absence of alertness.

Often, residents feel weak and under the control of nursing home staff; they may also feel embarrassed. Even somebody who was once full of confidence can feel embarrassed while worrying about potential retaliation after speaking up. Therefore, it’s up to family members and loved ones to spot problems and contact malpractice attorneys.

Other potential symptoms include:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Crying or a complete change in behavior
  • Unexplained bank charges or fees
  • Dirty or damaged clothing
  • Missing hearing devices or glasses

Do I Need a Nursing Home Malpractice Lawyer? How Long Will a Case Take?

These are two common questions in this area of law, and the answers are as follows; yes, and it depends. If your loved one has been abused in a Louisville, Kentucky, nursing home, a Louixville lawyer has the experience to deal with the process and knows what steps to take to file against the home. In terms of case length, each case is unique. While some are resolved in a few weeks, others take numerous months. The Injury Firm will look at your case carefully and always keep you updated with the next steps. Legal counsel will help you to overcome challenges and ensure that your loved one is compensated for their damages.

Dealing with Potential Nursing Home Abuse

Firstly, we appreciate that it’s scary encountering potential nursing home abuse for the first time. We always assume that elder abuse is something we’ll read about in the newspaper or online without it affecting our own lives. Whether you’re in a nursing home or you suspect the abuse of a loved one, the first step is always to call 911 in the event of an emergency. If you believe your loved one to be in danger, phone the police and take immediate action.

Secondly, report your concerns to either the nursing home supervisor or the owner of the nursing home. If you’re worried that all parties are involved in the abuse, we recommend filing a police report. In Louisville, you should also contact the Adult Protection Branch of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Thirdly, seek legal counsel through medical malpractice lawyers. While personal injury cases are complex, nursing home abuse claims are even more complicated and intricate. An experienced Louisville, Kentucky, medical malpractice attorney will protect the rights of your loved one while also taking the right steps to hold the nursing home accountable for its actions.

At The Injury Firm, we’ll deal with your case with compassion and sensitivity. We’ll do everything we can to build a strong case against the Kentucky nursing home so that others don’t have to go through the same traumatic experience.

Elder abuse is never accepted, and The Injury Firm is passionate about seeking compensation for those affected. Whether physical, emotional, financial, or another form of abuse, our Kentucky malpractice attorneys will fight for compensation for all the harm suffered in a Louisville nursing home.

During a free consultation, we’ll review the case and help you decide whether a claim is possible. If the case is a particularly bad one, we may even seek punitive damages, and this is where the compensation goes beyond covering damages. Instead, it’s designed to discourage the behavior in all other nursing homes in the country. We’ll review medical records, talk to your loved one, contact expert witnesses, and use our expertise to build a case.

Even if the facility is owned by a large corporation, this doesn’t mean that your loved one isn’t owed compensation after negligence or abuse. We’ve seen insurance companies and nursing homes take their time with claims because they hope that, by going slow, you’ll accept a lower settlement. Don’t worry, we have the resources to get the amount you deserve, and you won’t pay a cent until the resolution of the case. And, if we don’t win, you owe nothing!

Get in contact today to start the process. Our legal background and expertise puts you in the strongest possible position for compensation, and we take the pressure from your shoulders during this difficult time!

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