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Lowe’s Slip and Fall Injury Claim

If you or a loved one is known as the “go-to” person for home improvement help, you will want to read through this quick informative article about injuries that could happen in one of America’s most popular stores--and one you probably visit often! As a large American retailer for home improvement enthusiasts, Lowe’s helps people to get what is needed for a variety of home projects.

Lowe’s operates in excess of 2,300 stores, and several stores are in the surrounding area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lowe’s Most Popular Shopping Aisles

In Florida, a popular item people shop for to enhance the look and value of their home is glass tile. Glass tile not only affords homeowners many beautiful styles to choose from, but also works to make small spaces appear larger by reflecting lots of light. This aisle can have hazards scattered about, as tile can easily fall from shelves when it is not installed and is just set out for ease of access and counting. Bits and fragments of broken tile--glass or ceramic--can litter the aisle ways of Lowe’s and if you’re not aware of the small pieces of debris, they can easily cause you to slip and miss your footing, resulting in a fall.

Other areas of popularity in the Lowe’s store include the paint aisle with lots of opportunities for accidental spills and overflows, and the high efficiency lighting aisle with lots of free standing endcap displays of bulbs and wire. Any trip or stumble because of these items being placed carelessly in a high traffic area are ways that home improvement enthusiasts can be stopped in their tracks.

Documenting a Slip and Fall Incident at Lowe’s

One of the best things about cell phones today is the fact that almost everyone has one at any given moment and that they have cameras built in. With the touch of a button, even before you might be on your feet after a fall, you or a witness should take a picture of the immediate areas and obstructions where the fall happened. You need to also have a Lowe’s employee notified right away before moving and have someone from the Lowe’s store call for medical help. This enhances the credibility of your claim and provides verbal and paper documentation of the fall. Finally, if you have someone with you at the store or another person witnessed your fall that is not an employee of the Lowe’s store, get their contact information so that their statement can be taken.

Ways You Can Be Affected After a Slip and Fall at Lowe’s

Aside from feeling physical pain from an injury at a home improvement store, you may also experience the need to miss out on paid work time, and to visit the doctor or emergency room. All of those things affect your time and your pocketbook, which causes stress and upset.

Helping others with home improvements, or enhancing your own home is supposed to be something that makes you feel good. When accidents happen in stores because of negligent maintenance and mistakes in displays, you are harmed and your job is affected. Other people who depend on you are also affected. A fall at Lowe’s can cause far more damage than a customer realizes.

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