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I Fell and Got Hurt at Pei Wei Diner, Now What?

peri weidiner exterior signWhen you go out to enjoy your time at a restaurant, you’re only thinking about the good food you have been craving. You’re not planning on having an accident that could lead to disastrous consequences to you and your family. Slip and fall accidents, no matter where they happen, can lead to financial and emotional ruin. The big question is, what happens next? This will help you understand your restaurant slip and fall injury and what your next steps are.

Your Slip and Fall Injury

There are several different causes of slip and fall accidents at restaurants, including:

  • Poor Lighting
  • Wet floors
  • Carpeting or flooring that is in disrepair that could trip guests and employees
  • Uneven flooring
  • Spills

These are just some of the most common causes of slips and falls at a restaurant.

However, just because you fell at a Pei Wei Diner that you are eligible for compensation. There owner or management must have been negligent in order to file a Pei Wei lawsuit. If the restaurant’s negligence is what led to your fall and subsequent injury, then you have a viable claim against Pei Wei. But the trick is figuring out if there was negligence on the part of the restaurant.

What does it mean to be negligent? The owner or management must have been aware of the hazard and did not remedy the problem within a reasonable time frame. For instance, if the floor is wet because a customer spilled food or water on the floor, the owner must have known about it and taken reasonable care to fix the problem. It can be impossible for them to clean it up immediately. However, if there was a carpet that has been torn for several months and you tripped on it, then you have a case for negligence. Another case of negligence is if there was no warning for wet floors, just as a sign after the floor was mopped.

Some injuries that are common during a slip and fall accident include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Broken bones
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

While many of these injuries are not very serious, some can be serious or potentially deadly. In the more severe injuries, you may not only need immediate treatment but there may also be the need for more extensive and long-term treatment before you can get back to your regular activities.

A fall injury in a restaurant can be scary but knowing what to do next will make a difference in how successful you are in your claim against the restaurant.

What Happens Next?

The fact is slips and falls are very common in a restaurant setting. After you have fallen and gotten hurt, your first step is to get help as soon as possible. Get the attention of other people and someone on staff. You will need to report your injury to them as soon as possible. If you can, take pictures of the area where you fell to show the hazard. Every bit of evidence that you can collect can help your case. You should also talk to witnesses to see if anyone saw what happened. If you get this information, this can also be very helpful to you.

When you speak to a staff member or manager, you should make sure that they actually take down an incident report and get a copy of it. If they offer medical assistance, you should always take it. If you don’t, the staff will take note of this in the incident report and it will be used against you in your case against Pei Wei. Even if you think you don’t need it, you should take the medical help. Documentation from your medical records can be excellent evidence in your lawsuit, especially if there is long-term treatments that are necessary so that you can get back to your life. Without this documentation, you won’t be able to prove your damages and that will hurt your case.

Once you have collected all of this evidence, contacting personal injury lawyers can be an essential next step. You should get a slip and fall lawyer involved in the process as soon as possible. They will let you know if you have a claim and by getting them involved right away, the sooner your case can get resolved.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is your best tool during your fight against a large company like Pei Wei. They will have a team to fight your lawsuit, so it’s important for you to have someone fighting for you. It’s very difficult to win a slip and fall case, especially against larger companies. You need to be sure that you have a viable case against Pei Wei, which is why it is so important to collect as much evidence as soon as possible and contact a lawyer.

Another reason to get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible is because everything is fresh in your memory and the memory of the witnesses. This also allows the lawyer to find any potential camera footage of the incident before something happens to it. They will look very closely at the evidence, helping you to not only determine whether or not you have a case, but to plan out the best approach to getting you the results that you deserve.

Fall injuries can be both financially and physically crippling. In some cases, you may not be able to go back to work due to the severity of your accident. This is why it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer with experience, who has your best interests at heart. Our team of lawyers have many years of experience in fighting companies to get our clients the compensation that they deserve. It wasn’t your fault that the restaurant was negligent; why should you be the one to suffer for it? We will walk you through every step of the lawsuit so that you always know what’s going on. If you were injured at a Pei Wei, contact us today for a FREE case evaluation: 954-951-0000.

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