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Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Lawyers

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Despite accidents occurring all over the state every day, the gravity of the situation seems to change when the incident involves a large truck. Up against the majority of the vehicles on the road these days, the truck is always going to win and it leaves other vehicles in a bad way. Every year, trucks can cause some devastating scenes whether the driver is to blame or another road user.

Fortunately, truck accidents are less common than car incidents but they do still happen. For example, a truck driver could lose control of the heavy vehicle and plow into unsuspecting cars on the road. Elsewhere, they might get forced into another lane and hit another car. Regardless of how it occurs, the results can be troubling due to the sheer size difference in vehicles. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, even if some debris damaged your car, the legal ramifications can be complex so you’ll need a professional and reliable truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale by your side.

Finding Liability - As we’ve said many times before, the most important factor in a personal injury case is to assess the situation and decide who’s at fault. Therefore, you’ll need a truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who has experience in commercial carriers and knows how to investigate the case efficiently. At first, it might be easy to blame the driver of the truck but the best route might be through the commercial carrier if the driver has insufficient insurance. Although it might have been the driver’s negligence that led to the incident, the driver is normally representing a company so some responsibility should also fall here too.

In other cases, it’ll be the negligence of the trucking company that caused the accident. For example, the required safety measures may have been ignored or the driver may not have gone through the appropriate screening process. As soon as they run these risks, they’re vulnerable when an accident occurs because they’re neglecting their duty as a company.

Compared to taking on the driver, the company will be a harder target but it’s still a simple case of proving liability and damages. Even if the truck didn't hit you directly, you could still be entitled to compensation if you were affected by the accident in some way. In our experience, commercial carriers are known for denying liability so we recommend choosing a lawyer with experience in dealing with large companies.

Another reason you need a professional truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is that there are numerous directions in which the blame will go on the other side. In terms of finding fault, it’s not a case of one driver against another. Instead, there are several parties who could be held accountable including the truck driver, truck owner, truck manufacturer, truck company, trailer owner, company leasing the truck, trailer manufacturer, and leasing company owner. Of course, a couple of these rely on the accident involving a trailer but you can still see how it can get tricky for road users.

Claiming Against a Commercial Carrier - When it comes to making sure somebody is held accountable, this is the job of your truck accident lawyer. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it’s normal to feel physically and emotionally unwell; the last thing you need is to investigate your own case trying to find blame. The Injury Firm will take this responsibility from you and ensure you have a strong case moving forward.

Compared to a straightforward car crash, accidents involving commercial carriers require a little more attention and we’ve already seen the many ways the blame could go. In addition to this, large trucks are normally transporting goods from one location to the next. Just because the truck was in Florida, this doesn’t mean the trucking company is from anywhere nearby. With the company not based in Florida, this can be a problem, and those who choose to go without a truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale find it almost impossible to get a result. With a truck accident lawyer, the defendant can be tracked, the right insurance company can be contacted, and the truck accident lawsuit can be filed in the right court.

If the trucking company happens to be based in Florida, there are still legal differences between this and a regular car accident which is why we always recommend professional legal help.

Filing a Claim - When it comes to all the legal sides of the process, your truck accident lawyer will keep you protected while dealing with the main focus; gathering proof. Not only do you need to find liability, but you also need to prove your injuries to claim for compensation. With the personal injuries, they need to be tied directly to the incident otherwise the defendant will claim you had pre-existing injuries or perhaps that the injuries were caused by an incident elsewhere. With medical reports and other evidence, you can remove this doubt.

Despite the extent being a little different, the damages you can claim after a truck incident is very similar to that of a car crash. Within the claim, you should be aiming to recuperate medical expenses from the past, present, and future, loss of income (past, present, and future), pain and suffering, loss of ability to earn, wrongful death, and any other losses directly caused by the truck accident.

With proof as to the key to all cases, this can actually be the hardest part of the process. Rather than persuading a friend, you’re trying to prove something in the eyes of the law and this requires evidence and careful investigative work. After choosing a lawyer, they can help with;

  • Assessing all police reports on the truck accident
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Checking CCTV and any other available footage of the truck accident
  • Talking to medical staff
  • Gathering statements from eyewitnesses
  • Conversing with industry experts to reconstruct the incident

While some commercial carrier truck accidents are settled outside of court, some will require a judge to choose whether or not compensation is due. Since we have some of the best truck accident lawyers around, we’re just as confident going into court as we are reaching an agreement before it goes this far. If a jury trial is required, we’ll present your case in the best way possible and do our best to ensure you receive the compensation package you deserve.

At The Injury Firm, we have an amazing track record of dealing with commercial carriers and we plan to continue on this path so get in touch with one of our experts if you need help today! 954-951-0000

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