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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers and Property Damage Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve been injured in some way and you aren't to blame, the personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm have the skill and experience to bring your personal injury case to fruition.

In life, we always hope that everything goes smoothly but unfortunately this isn't always the case. While we can control our own actions, we don’t have control of the world, and accidents can happen. Contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer at The Injury Firm if you have sustained a personal injury and are not to blame, (954) 951-00000.

Over the years, The Injury Firm has helped thousands of people just like you who have sustained personal injury from being in an accident but have no idea of how to get started and how to obtain compensation for their personal injury. Fortunately, we have the resources to go up against even the most experienced corporations and insurance companies. Often, there’s a misconception that you ‘can’t win against large insurance companies’ but our fantastic record suggests otherwise.

After being injured or having a loved one killed with a clear party responsible for the damage caused, you should think it would be easy to obtain personal injury compensation. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case today and it requires complex legal procedures to prove liability and that you deserve some level of compensation. When people try to go without a personal injury lawyer, it’s almost impossible to see a positive result because they don’t know how the system works and the defense simply ties them up with long words and complicated procedures.

For this reason, you need a personal injury lawyer who’ll stand by your side and guide you through the legal process. Whether it’s your own personal injury or you’re claiming on behalf of a family member who died, the last thing you need is to be worrying about obtaining compensation contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to take the burden from your shoulders and create the strongest possible case from the available information.

Over the past 20 years, there have been some huge changes in the world and in the legal industry. Fortunately, we’ve seen them all which puts us at a huge advantage. Over this time, we’ve gained the experience required to know when to fight for mediation or an early agreement and when to take the case to court. Every year, people are choosing to forgo the personal injury attorney only to receive a compensation package that’s much smaller than they deserve for their personal injury.

In case you haven't dealt with insurance companies before, their most important factor to consider is profit. Even if you’ve been paying for premiums on your own insurance for five, twenty, or forty years, they’re only interested in paying as little as possible so this is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Since we know all the tactics these companies like to try, we can see through their actions and focus only on your best interests; something the insurance company definitely doesn’t do.  And, The Injury Firm is licensed to practice in Arkansas, FloridaIllinois, KentuckyMassachusetts, and Texas.

Obtaining Personal Injury Compensation

Before we head into the benefits of choosing our personal injury lawyers and the many services we offer these days, we first wanted to talk about compensation. What is compensation and what should you be looking to recover? In truth, this is a great question and one we seem to get often at The Injury Firm. When you first get in contact with us, a personal injury attorney will sit down with you and work out exactly which costs can be recuperated so you know what you’re entitled to moving forward.  

At first, this seems simple but this is where the insurance company first makes its appearance. By claiming they aren't responsible for certain costs and trying to phone you up for statements making the injuries seem not so bad, they do all they can to pay as little as possible. However, you’re actually entitled to every cost that has arisen as a direct result of the personal injury accident; no matter how you may have been injured. This includes;

  • Lost wages (past, present, and future)
  • Estimated costs in the future
  • Medical bills (past, present, and future)
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional damages
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering

As you can see, each of the costs needs to take into account what you’ve already paid, what you’re paying right now, and what you’re likely to pay in the future as a result of the personal injury. Rather than claiming what you’ve paid and then needing another court case in the future because you’ve paid more since everything is considered in one case according to the doctor’s recommendations and the care you’ll need in the future.

Whether you’re going up against an insurance company or a company directly, they’re likely to want a fast settlement and this is important to keep in mind. Rather than going through a lengthy process (and even allowing the case to leak into the press thus damaging their brand), they’ll look to offer an amount early. For some personal injury lawyers, they don’t have the resources to allow for a court case so they accept this lesser settlement. For us, we’re only interested in obtaining the most compensation possible and we have the resources to take it further than most.

Why Choose The Injury Firm?

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, we appreciate that you have an array of options from which to choose. With a simple search online, you’ll come across plenty of services that will leave you wondering why you should choose The Injury Firm. Therefore, we’ve listed some key reasons below;

Experience - While reading books is required to build the foundation of knowledge needed for this job, we believe experience to be essential for success because it tells us what to do in certain situations. When something unexpected occurs, we can adapt our strategy so your case isn't affected. If you choose a law firm with less experience, they may not have the awareness to adjust in time and this leads to a disappointing settlement.

Professional Team - From top to bottom, the team of personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm has been carefully selected and this has allowed us to approach every case with passion and determination. Rather than choosing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we listen to YOUR case and then do what’s best for you. At all times, your needs are the most important factor and this allows us to build a strong case.

Free Consultation - Why should you pay a cent just to talk to a personal injury attorney about your case? At The Injury Firm, we agree which is why we offer a free consultation to all clients. In this first meeting, we can discuss the circumstances, how much compensation can be recuperated, and how we would put a plan into action. From here, there’s no obligation so you can go away and think about it before letting us know your decision.

Contingent Fee Payment Structure - Also in the initial meeting, we’ll discuss fees and The Injury Firm will not charge anything for representation. If your case is won, this is when the fees will apply but you won’t need to pay a penny before this point. If you have any more questions about how this works, feel free to contact us today; we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Positive Track Record - With all of the above, it culminates with results and we have a positive track record within the industry. Going up against large insurance companies, large corporations, and other entities, we’ve won millions of dollars of compensation for our clients and we’d love to add you to the list.

Relief of Pressure - Finally, we understand that this isn't a great time in your life right now. If you’ve been injured or perhaps a family member has passed away, you need time to recover, process the situation, and grieve so you don’t want to be fighting a large legal case at the same time. As soon as we have the information we need to proceed, we can build the legal case with little input from you so you can do whatever you need to do. With an excellent team of investigators and personal injury lawyers, we’ll do the work on your behalf in order to achieve the compensation you deserve.

With these key features, we believe The Injury Firm can help you regardless of the circumstances. If you aren't sure, why not give us a call to speak to one of our personal injury experts? We can answer your questions, ease your concerns, and provide any information you need before getting started.

Areas of Personal Injury Lawyer Expertise

Today, we have several areas in which we can help. If you’ve been injured in any of the areas listed below, you can get the process started today by dialing our number!

Airplane Accident Lawyer

First up, you may not know that the airplane is actually the safest mode of transport available. If we were to compare deaths per one billion, flying causes around 0.07 which is just behind the bus at 0.11 and some way behind the car at 7.28. What’s the most dangerous mode of transport? It’s actually the motorcycle and it’s currently above all the others put together at 212.57 deaths per one billion.

Therefore, deaths are certainly rare with airplane journeys but it still isn't impossible which is why we offer our services for victims and their loved ones. Ultimately, injuries can come in the form of faulty equipment (such as a chair), a blocked walkway, an accident with luggage falling from the overhead container, or even a faulty takeoff or landing. When the words ‘airplane accident’ are mentioned, people automatically think of a disastrous crash falling from thousands of feet but the term actually pertains to any injury while under the responsibility of the aircraft.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, we have experience in taking on the huge airlines as well as airports in order to obtain the deserved compensation. With deep resources and an unparalleled skillset in our superb team, we’ll represent you and ensure you get a fair voice when it’s needed most.

Bed Bugs Lawyer

Even in the best hotels and resort areas, bed bugs could cause personal injury.  If you are affected by bed bugs in a hotel, motel, or resort, you may be eligible for compensation for personal injury, lost wages, medical bills, and more.  Read more.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In recent years, the roads have been made much safer with the introduction of specialized cycle lanes as well as improved accessibility to information for all road users. Today, we live in a time where drivers of cars and trucks are more informed than ever before and this has led to a decrease in the overall amount of incidents. Sadly, the incidents that occur for cyclists are somewhat more severe than most other incidents because it’s often man/woman against the vehicle.

As a society, we are more environmentally-conscious these days which has led to more cyclists on the road (this has also contributed to the improved accessibility of information). Whether it comes down to tired, aggressive, drunk, or even just careless road users, accidents are common on the roads of Florida. If you’ve been involved in an incident, you need a service with experience and the passion to put you first and earn compensation.

Boating Accident Lawyer

While boating is a fun activity to enjoy in our free time, it will always come with certain risks. As soon as you enter the open waters, there are several hazards that can pose an issue. Of course, we would never want you to be so nervous that you’re riding around thinking an accident can happen any minute but awareness is important.

With boating, there are many different accidents that can occur including a collision with other watercraft, capsizing and getting stuck underneath the boat in the water, grounding, colliding with navigation aids and fixed objects, flooding, and even faulty equipment. Depending on the incident, there will be liability somewhere whether it comes from another rider, the boat manufacturer, or an instructor. With a boating accident attorney, you can look after your best interests and ensure a boating incident doesn’t ruin your finances when you’re forced to take time from work.

Bus Accident Lawyer

As we saw earlier, a bus journey is the second safest of all the modes of transport because even crashes on the road aren't likely to injure passengers unless it’s really severe. As they travel through towns and cities going from stop to stop, many of them don’t spend much of their routes going the speed limit. However, this area of our service includes all incidents involving a bus.

Sometimes, the bus might have skipped maintenance and this led to a pileup on the road. Elsewhere, a sudden stop from the driver might have pushed you, as a passenger, into a protruding piece of material that shouldn't have been there. Finally, the manufacturer may have allowed a faulty unit to leave the factory so injuries can occur in a number of ways.

Let’s not forget, buses aren't legally obliged to provide the same safety features you might find in other modes of transport including seat belts, helmets, and airbags. Also, buses are more vulnerable to tipping after an accident or due to severe weather so these need to be considered. If you’re involved in any bus-related incident, there’s endless paperwork and the whole process can get rather tricky so having a professional by your side might just allow you to obtain the right compensation.

Car Accident Lawyer

Of all the services we offer, this is perhaps the most popular since cars are the mode of transport with the second-highest amount of incidents in Florida. Compared to buses, bikes, and boats, cars are significantly more common and this leads to a large number of accidents. From one moment to the next, your day can be completely changed as you’re hit from behind or perhaps tagged from behind on the highway.

Depending on the extent of the issue, you could experience traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, back injuries, soft tissue injuries, or broken bones. Soon after you’ve swapped details, the life insurance company of the guilty party will contact you and ask for a statement. Unfortunately, thousands fall into this trap every year but we can provide small tips like this you’re going to need for a strong case. Since they’ll use the statement to play your injuries down, it can be used during the case and can limit the compensation you receive (if any at all!).

After getting in contact with The Injury Firm, we’ll spend time gathering evidence and proving the guilty party was liable for the incident whether they were over the drug or alcohol limit, over-tired, not paying attention to the road, driving recklessly, or maybe they just made a simple mistake. By enlisting the help of eyewitnesses as well as compiling police and hospital reports, we can prove you’re owed compensation for lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

Child Injury Lawyer

Despite exploring our children do, the biggest cause of personal injury today is still car accidents. Each year, around 150,000 children are injured in a car accident whether in a vehicle or being hit from the outside. If there’s someone to blame, we can help at The Injury Firm and you can add to our list of happy parents/guardians who have recovered compensation after a car accident injury.

With children, there’s a couple of interesting points to note away from car accidents and premises liability is a big one. With our children happy to go off and see what the world has to offer, you’d hope amusement parks and daycare facilities provide a safe place for them to do so. However, mistakes are made, facilities aren't looked after, wet floor signs are forgotten, and the lifeguard at the swimming pool can get caught away from their post at the wrong time. As long as you aren't trespassing, these premises have a responsibility to keep everybody safe.

If your child has been injured in any of the locations listed or even in playgrounds, schools, or any other public location, please get in contact today and our personal injury lawyers will get your case started.

Construction Zone Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, the need for an auto accident attorney occurs without there being a second vehicle involved. With construction zones on the road, they’re generally a positive sign because they mean the area is improving. However, they also cause confusion with lane changes, barrels, detours, and other problems.

During the construction, tools and equipment can be left too close to the road and this can cause damage to both an oncoming car and its driver. After this, incidents with other cars can be caused by incorrectly installed road signs, poorly placed road signs, unclear lane markings, barriers, poor conditions on the road, and sometimes a mistake in traffic control.

Whenever an accident occurs in a construction zone, somebody needs to take responsibility but sometimes this can be difficult. Without the experience and knowledge of a personal injury lawyer, it can be almost impossible. With all road construction projects, there are many different parties involved from the manufacturer of the equipment to the independent contractor. With our help, you can launch an investigation and get to the bottom of it all so you can be compensated for medical bills and lost income.

Dog Bite Accident Lawyer

Whenever a dog bite personal injury accident occurs, there are two effects for the victim because the psychological pain and emotional trauma is often worse than the physical injuries. With Florida being a strict liability state, this means that all dog owners are responsible for their pets and you can claim compensation if injured.

If you or a family member has been injured or killed from a dog attack, our professional personal injury lawyers can help to obtain compensation from the responsible party. Although a delicate situation, we know how to manage it expertly without causing unnecessary stress. Especially if you’re forced out of work, you need to pay for medical bills and other expenses so we know how important compensation will be for you.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When it comes to motorcycles, the professionals at The Injury Firm have vast experience in compiling cases and working towards compensation whether this comes from a settlement outside of court or a court case itself. While other lawyers won’t have the manpower and resources to take the case to court, we can and insurance companies are fully aware of our positive reputation.

Most commonly, accidents come from a lack of awareness from other drivers on the road, road users taking a risk and pulling out when they really don’t have time, not leaving enough space on the road, or changing lanes without looking in the blind-spot over their shoulder. Since motorbikes can sometimes be missed with a quick glance, drivers go ahead and change lanes and this leaves you between a vehicle and the central median.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders come off worse in the majority of incidents with other road users, and these injuries are made worse when the proper protective equipment isn't worn. In some cases we’ve seen in the past, there were no other road users to blame but instead the manufacturer of the motorcycle. Even if it’s something as small as a loose nut on the bike somewhere, this falls into the lap of the manufacturer if it left the factory this way. Although rare, the accident could also lead to a product recall if numerous incidents occur with the same model.

Whatever causes the motorcycle incident, we’re here and ready to use our experience to personalize our service to your needs. Rather than coming in with a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ll adapt wherever necessary and this will allow us to yield a positive result.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Even if you’re in no vehicle at all, there’s still a risk of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Florida, we enjoy a lot of sunny weather and this leads to afternoon strolls, jogging, and just enjoying the day in the area. Furthermore, we have parents and children walking to and from school and sometimes an accident can occur when you least expect it.

In recent times, there seems to have been a spate of pedestrian accidents whether this comes through an altercation with a truck, bus, car, bicycle, or motorcycle. In 2013, nearly 15% of all road deaths in the US involved a pedestrian so it’s not exactly a rare occurrence. When it comes to the law regarding pedestrians, it can get a little confusing. Depending on how the events unfold, both pedestrians and drivers can receive the brunt of the blame.

Every time a driver steps into their car, they have a duty of care to all pedestrians they pass. With this being said, pedestrians can also violate laws to cause accidents and this is commonly seen at crossings and junctions. If you’ve recently been injured as a pedestrian, even if it was a collision with a bicycle and you’ve been badly injured as a result, compensation should be attainable if you get in contact with us in Fort Lauderdale.

Public Transit Accident Lawyer

For all residents of Florida who don’t have a car or those who just want a quick way to get about town without having to worry about parking, public transit is a fantastic solution and will remain this way for years to come. Known as ‘common carriers’, this covers all modes of transport that carry people from one location to another for a fee. With this in mind, it mainly deals with trains, trams, and buses.

With millions of people riding the public transit system each and every year, they need to be maintained to a certain standard and they also need to undergo checks before starting a day’s work. For example, buses will have their tires, fluids, and engines checked while also having a cleaning and inspection every four weeks or so.

In terms of responsibility, operators and owners are required to get all passengers to their stop safely while providing safety exits, handrails, and other protective steps such as seat belts (for some). If you’ve been injured and need a public transit accident lawyer, we’re here for you. After initially getting in contact, we’ll let you know whether you have a case or not. From here, we can take you forward and create a position that’s likely to yield success.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

As a service of experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers, we can also assist with any slip and fall incidents you may have had. Typically occurring within a large establishment such as a grocery store or a large box store such as Wal-Mart, slip and fall accidents can be due to water, broken paving in the parking lot, items on the floor, obstructed walkways, and more. Whenever you’re on the property of a company providing a public service, they have a responsibility to look after your welfare.

After getting in contact with us, we can guide you through the process and ensure you don’t make any of the classic mistakes of those before you; this includes giving a statement to the company or their life insurance provider since this can actually hurt your case. With compensation, you can get what you deserve for medical bills, lost earnings, emotional suffering, and more.

Product Liability

With all products on the market, we expect them to be fully tested and fit for purpose. While this is true in the majority of cases, there are occasions where the unthinkable happens and the product doesn’t work as it should. In truth, this could be anything from baby car seats to gym shoes and folding chairs to beds.

With specialized product liability attorneys, we know how to take on the biggest companies and manufacturers. If you’ve been injured by a faulty product, you deserve compensation and the message should get out there so future customers don’t have the same issue.

Taxi Accident Lawyer

Although taxis are seen as a safe haven where the vehicle takes us where we need to go, we mustn't forget the drivers are human like all of us. Until we get autonomous vehicles, which is still some way off, we rely on the alertness, skill, and experience of drivers. As it just so happens, we have one of the busiest cities in the world for taxis due to many tourists as well as the locals getting about town. If the weather takes a turn for the worse or perhaps you’re tired and can’t face the bus ride home, it’s easy enough to grab a quick taxi.

For most people, they don’t think about taxis being in an accident until it happens. Until then, we see them as a professional service and the best drivers around. As we all know from our own experience driving, it’s often the other road users that cause issues so taxis are just as vulnerable as anybody else. If the driver is overworked or for whatever reason tired, this can be another problem.

Nowadays, we work on taxi incidents regularly so know how they work, how to investigate and find where the blame lies, and how to put you in a strong position to succeed with a potential case. With the law today, taxi companies are exempt from choosing ‘no-fault’ insurance which means they have drivers employed as independent contractors. Regardless of the way these companies operate, you definitely aren't to blame (assuming you were just minding your own business in the back of the taxi!).

Train Accident Lawyer

As we saw with the public transit section earlier, a train is considered a common carrier because we pay to be transported from one point to another. In terms of accidents, they’re rare but can include mechanical issues, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driver fatigue, inexperience of the driver, collision, derailment, and excessive speeding on the lines.

Generally speaking, maintenance issues are the main reason for injuries on trains but we also see human error and defective products too. When you partner with us, we’ll find out who was to blame; this is likely to be the operator or owner. If there’s defective equipment on the train, the manufacturer can also be blamed for injury or death so please get in contact if you or a family member has been involved in a train incident recently.

Finally, we should also mention railroad crossing accidents since these can also occur. When we start working on your case, we’ll be dedicated to finding the cause of the accident because there are parties responsible for the maintenance of lights, signals, and most other processes.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Although cars and motorcycle incidents occur every day on the roads of Florida and this makes them the most common issue, there’s a matter of extent with road collisions and those involving trucks can be fatal. In a collision between two cars, they’re likely to rebound and give as good as they get because of the similar size and build. When a truck is involved, the severity of the situation increases somewhat because a car or bike doesn’t stand a chance.

Despite the size difference between the two vehicles, the process of assessing a collision is always the same; who’s at fault? If you were obeying the rules of the road and the truck was in the wrong, you should be entitled to compensation for any injuries you may have sustained. If you were driving a truck and another vehicle was in the wrong, the same rules apply.

If you were thinking of taking on the case yourself, the next step is where you come across the problem because you’ll be going up against any number of people from the truck driver to the truck company, truck manufacturer to the leasing company owner (and maybe even the trailer manufacturer). While everybody on the other side blames one another, all you need is compensation and, as personal injury lawyers, we know how to achieve this for you.

Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer

In recent years, Uber and Lyft have been two mobile apps that have taken the US by storm. As users, we can order a taxi-like service and benefit from cheaper fares due to the lack of requirements for the drivers. Compared to taxis, they don’t have quite the same restrictions. As customers, this is a great service; as lawyers, it can be a nightmare because the laws are still developing and the requirements for drivers are always changing.

Luckily, we always keep up-to-date with industry news and we’ve been following Uber and Lyft very closely. If you’ve been involved in an accident while in an Uber or Lyft car, the blame could go various ways so be sure to get in touch today. Not only could it be the other driver involved in the incident, but it could also be your driver, the company, or the manufacturer of the car if it came down to a faulty vehicle. For the past few years, we’ve invested our time heavily in knowing the rules and regulations so we can help you with a potential case.



Ultimately, The Injury Firm can help with any personal injury you may have as a result of an incident where blame or negligence is clearly involved. As soon as you get in contact with us, our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers will jump into action. For example, our investigators will begin to compile the evidence as soon as possible; we’ll also advise you on the steps to take. If you exchanged details with the business, you can also expect a phone call in the near future trying to get you to leave a statement. Luckily, we know what to do and we know what to avoid if we’re to keep the integrity of the case intact.

Every day, we’ll do all we can to progress your case while keeping you updated with any news we hear. By keeping you protected and gathering the evidence in a quick time, we limit the room the defendant has in which to move. After backing them into a corner and showing they were clearly negligent or at-fault, they’ll have little option but to back away and offer the compensation you deserve.

If they still resist the facts, we have the resources and experience to take the case to court and earn compensation this way. Either way, our personal injury lawyer works for your needs and we’d love to hear from you to get started today at The Injury Firm! Why not call for your free consultation? 954-951-0000

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