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Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Property Damage: Contact a Property Damage Attorney

With the likelihood of storms and hurricanes in Florida higher than most other states, most homeowners constantly have a worry in the back of their minds. When nature does take over and damage your home, you need to contact a professional and reliable property damage attorney and this is what you have in The Injury Firm. With some attorneys, they don’t know how to go up against the huge insurance companies but we have no issue and our successful track record only goes to prove this.

We Can Help All Homeowners with Property Damage

When extreme weather hits, it very quickly turns into a negative spiral of events with rain, heavy winds, flooding, and more. Every minute, the structural integrity of your home will be questioned. When damage is caused, we appreciate you just want things to return to normal and our experienced service allows this. In terms of damage, this could be anything including;

·         Mold Damage

·         Damaged Roofing

·         Damaged/Missing Shingles

·         Fire Damage

·         Smoke Damage

·         Flood Damage

·         Damaged Siding

·         Damaged Garages

·         Broken Windows

·         Damaged Fencing

·         Damaged Appliances

·         Wind Damage

·         Electrical Damage

·         Shed Damage

·         Damaged Piping


With any damage to your home, we realize that every case is different which is why we offer a personalized service from start to finish. Once you get in contact, we learn about your unique situation before then getting the claims process started. Depending on how the insurance company replies, we can work towards a settlement on your behalf or perhaps even prepare your case for litigation.

Considering you’ve been through enough stress with damage to your property, the last thing you need to deal with is the underhand tactics used by insurance companies to pay you as little as possible. Over the years, we’ve seen it all at The Injury Firm and know how to counter their actions so you receive the best compensation package possible!

Dealing with Insurance Claim Denials

Every month, you pay your premiums and expect to be covered should anything go wrong. However, when things do go wrong, insurance companies seem to do all they can to avoid paying you the money you deserve. In fact, they have a team of attorneys who work especially on denying your claim. Eventually, they’ll offer excuses regarding the source of the damage, your coverage limitations, the condition of your home before the storm, and more.

Sadly, those without experience don’t know how to deal with these insurance companies but we know how aggressive we need to be from the off. Every year, we help families across Fort Lauderdale and Florida to gather evidence, build a case, and prove that you deserve compensation. If litigation is the route required, this is the route we’ll take and we can represent your interests in court.

Contact a Professional  Property Damage Attorney Today!

In Florida, we all love our great state but storms and hurricanes always seem to put our homes at risk. If your home has been damaged, allow a professional, experienced, and trustworthy attorney to stand by your side. At The Injury Firm, we can help you from the very first phone call to the last. Not only will we guide you through the process, we can tell you how to avoid the common pitfalls! 954-951-0000

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