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Is it Safe to Drive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

The Traffic Safety Report for 2017 was recently made public, and the news is not good. As the most populated areas in Florida, it should not surprise anyone that Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have accounted for the most fatalities

The one positive thing that you could say about such numbers is that they pale in comparison to the number of non-fatal injuries brought on by car accidents in Florida. Based on a recent report Florida had 252,902 car crashes in 2004 causing more than 227 thousand non-fatal injuries. True, many injuries were mild, but remember that paralysis, dismemberment, broken bones, or brain injuries are considered "non-fatal."

Therefore, if you have ever wondered why the insurance premiums in South Florida are not low, it looks like the answers are in these numbers. However, with so much daily, weekly and monthly revenue coming in from those auto insurance premium checks, you would believe your insurance company would have the capability to manage an automobile accident claim quickly and efficiently. In the event you are paying the highest auto insurance premiums in the nation then surely cash is not a problem, right?


It is an accepted fact that insurance companies are not in the habit of writing big checks. Insurance companies don't have any issues with the cash flow coming in, but sending it out is a different story. Insurance companies are more profitable if they don’t pay for serious injuries, lengthy hospital stays, or injuries that need long-term medical care due to car accidents and other injuries.

Florida has "No-Fault Laws" that require your insurance provider pay your claim no matter who was at fault. That is still no guarantee that the insurance provider agrees to pay off your medical bills, property damage or long-term care.

Insurance Company Strategies

Is it easy to get auto insurance these days? It is hopeless to turn the television on or read the paper without coming across a GEICO advertisement. Insurance companies make it so easy to obtain insurance in today’s world of technology as compared to several years ago. Simply by placing a quick phone call or getting online, you can acquire insurance. Inside a couple of days, you get a copy of your policy, which will contain dense legal jargon, which you do not read. However, reading your new insurance policy shouldn't matter, because the nice person at the call center explained what you could expect from your insurance company and your insurance coverage. Getting the insurance policy was easy. Moreover, you'll find several methods for easily paying your premiums, and you believe that filing a claim must be equally as simple – or at least that is what you expect, correct?

Insurance companies do it this way on purpose. Insurance companies know that the less you know about your insurance policy and your options, the easier it is to deny your claim or to offer a settlement that is inadequate to cover your damages.

Insurance companies want to get you to take a settlement as soon as possible. They understand that injuries don't have to be intense for the sufferer to receive reparation. Your insurance provider also knows that with some injuries, it takes days to manifest themselves in the victim. If they could get the insured to take a resolution quickly, it will absolve them of any future duties for medical care or compensation. If your injury does not fully develop until after you've already taken a settlement check, what happens if you later discover yourself unable to work?

When someone can walk away from a vehicle wreck without any broken bones or obvious injuries, they probably feel very lucky. Not having broken bones does not mean that you didn’t get hurt.

So that you can rest assured that your needs are being satisfied by your insurers after an auto accident, find an experienced Fort Lauderdale accident attorney to help you. An accident attorney that understands insurance company tactics is essential. Having a personal injury attorney might be the difference between receiving a sufficient and fair settlement for your injuries or having your needs utterly discarded.

The Fort Lauderdale The Injury Firm personal injury attorneys know when accident victims are and are not being treated fairly. Additionally, they know what constitutes a reasonable settlement and what makes up a poor one.

Your future and your rights are too critical to be solely represented by a gain-minded insurance company. If you have suffered a loss, call tor a FREE CONSULTATION -  THE INJURY FIRM, 954-951-0000.


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