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Shopping Mall Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

 bigstock Caution wet floor sign on wet 383887802Shopping malls are very popular destinations, particularly around the holidays. While the feeling of finding the perfect present can be exhilarating, not everyone’s day will end happily. Sadly, there are thousands of shopping mall accidents each year. These can range from minor bumps to serious head knocks and broken bones.

What are the Most Common Types of Shopping Mall Accidents?

There are several ways that you might be injured at a shopping mall. One of the most common ways that you might be hurt is in the parking lot. In a busy mall, cars will be constantly reversing or pulling into bays. If the drivers aren’t looking where they are going, they could hit you with the vehicle. Sadly, small children might be at the greatest risk of a parking lot injury. Because they are so small, drivers might not be able to see them.

Another leading cause of shopping mall injury is a slip and fall accident. There are plenty of reasons why something like this might happen. For example, there might have been a drink spilled onto the floor. This can make it slipperier, causing you to lose your grip. In other cases, there might be a loose electrical cord. It’s also possible that there might be structural problems that contributed to the fall. For example, there might be cracks in the floor. The floor might be uneven.

It is also possible that issues might stem from the neglect of the shopping mall. For example, it’s possible that the escalators might not have been maintained properly. Because of this, the steps might be out of sync or you might come to a sudden stop. In other cases, there might be pieces of signage that come loose, falling onto you.

Shopping malls can also be a common place for criminal activities. Some people might use it as a chance to rob people. If you try to put up a fight, you might be punched or pushed to the ground. Sadly, some people have been raped in shopping malls. This is most common in the parking lots where there isn’t adequate lighting. How likely these events are will often depend on how good the mall's security is. If criminals feel like they won’t be caught, they will be more likely to target that mall.

Finally, the risk of getting trampled at the shops is very real. Many retailers love to create excitement for shoppers. But, when there are big sales, some people might be too eager to get their hands on the bargains. Unfortunately, they might not plan adequate access for pedestrians. As a result, lots of people are clamoring along a single walkway. If you slip and fall, people might not be able to stop in time, causing you to get stepped on.

What Are The Most Common Injuries From Accidents at Shopping Malls?

Thankfully, most of the injuries that occur at shopping malls are fairly minor. These are things like minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Though they might hurt for a few days, they are unlikely to cause any lasting injuries.

Sadly, there will be more serious injuries that can be associated with these accidents. For example, you might break a bone. In other cases, you might hit your head during the fall. This has the potential to lead to brain damage. If you hit your neck or back, you might damage your spinal cord. This can lead to lifelong disability.

How Can You Get Compensation?

If you’ve been injured in a shopping mall accident, you might want to make sure that you can get the compensation that you deserve. However, this can often be a complex process, requiring you to go through several steps.

First, you will need to prove that you received an injury. Because of this, you should go to the doctor as soon after the accident as possible. This will allow them to determine the extent of the injury. It will also ensure that you will be able to get treated as soon as possible, giving you the best possible chance of recovery.

Then, you will need to determine negligence and liability. This will often require your personal injury lawyer to investigate the cause of the accident. Generally, shopping malls will need to protect customers from foreseeable accidents. Regardless of why you are on the premises, they need to provide a safe environment. For example, they might be able to foresee the risks that a crack in the floor could cause. You’ll also need to prove that they knew about the risks but didn’t take any action.

However, if someone decides to trip you up, the mall will not be responsible. They couldn’t predict that that would happen. It should also be noted that there could be times when you acted dangerously. If your actions resulted in the injuries, the mall won’t be at fault. For example, imagine that you were running up the stairs. Then you lost your footing and fell. This wasn’t caused by an issue with the mall. As a result, they won’t be liable. Another example might be ignoring a wet floor sign.

It is often helpful to document the accident. This can mean taking pictures of what caused the accident. At a shopping mall, there will often be plenty of people who witnessed the accident. Try to get their contact details. Your lawyer might be able to use them to help verify your version of events. You should also ask for security personnel. Show them what caused your injury and ask them to make a report. This will ensure that the mall has documentation of the incident. Finally, look around for any video cameras. Tell security personnel that you would like to have the surveillance of the time before and after the incident. Your lawyer can subpoena this and use it as evidence later.

Who Is Responsible For Your Claim?

There is a range of people who you might be able to sue. Often the person that you will be bringing the claim against will depend on the circumstances in which the accident occurred. Trying to decide who to bring the suit against can often be one of the most difficult parts of the process. It’s not uncommon for shopping malls to try to protect themselves from lawsuits by spreading liability. For example, they might hire a janitorial company. If the accident stems from a janitorial problem, you will need to sue the janitors, not the shopping mall.

Thankfully, you might be able to bring multiple suits. This will ensure that you can claim compensation from multiple parties. To show how this would work, let’s use an example. Imagine that you were on an escalator when it malfunctioned. You then fell, breaking your hip. You might be able to sue the mall, for failing to maintain the machine. During the suit, you discover that there was a mechanical fault with the escalator. In this case, you might also be able to sue the manufacturer. Your lawyer will be able to help you decide who you should be bringing the suit against. This will ensure that you have the best chance of success.

What Can You Claim For?

Often, having an accident in a shopping mall can take a serious toll on your life. In this case, you will want to get some compensation for your suffering. There are several things that you will be able to add to your claim. First, you’ll be able to claim for the medical injuries that you received. This includes any medication that you needed to purchase. You’ll also be able to claim for any time that you needed to spend off work. Your personal injury lawyer will calculate the amount that you would have earned if you had been able to work.

You will also be able to make a claim for any pain and suffering that you experienced. This can be the pain associated with the injuries. It might also be any mental distress that you received after the injury. Your lawyer will be able to work with you, getting you the maximum amount of compensation.

It should be noted that many insurance companies will deliberately make a low offer, to try to limit the amount they need to pay. Because of this, you shouldn’t sign any documents without your lawyer’s approval. Instead, you’ll need them to negotiate on your behalf. They will be able to make sure that you get a fair amount of compensation.

How Long Do You Have To File A Claim?

In the state of Florida, you’ll have four years to file a claim following the accident. While this can seem like a long time, it often isn’t. During this time, there is a lot of work to be done. The lawyers will need to thoroughly investigate the claims. They’ll need to talk to the witnesses. In some cases, they might need to consult with experts, to find what caused malfunctions. All of this will take time. Because of this, the sooner you talk to a personal injury lawyer the better. This will ensure that they have long enough to put together a strong shopping mall accident injury claim.




Questions And Answers

Do I Have A Case After Slipping And Falling On Spilt Ice Cream?

When walking through the shopping mall, I was focused on the kiosk ahead. On the floor, there was spilled ice cream. It was the same color as the floor. I didn’t see it and ended up tripping over. I felt a shooting pain in the spine and now require back surgery. Do I have a claim?

In most cases, you won’t. To prove that you deserve to be compensated, you will need to establish a few important factors. One of the biggest is that the mall knew, or ought to have known, about the risk. This can be very difficult in the case of an ice cream spill. You have no idea how long it was there before your accident. If it was only there for a few minutes, it would be unrealistic to expect the mall to have taken action to remove the hazard.

However, there are a few possible exceptions to this rule. First, someone might have alerted a mall attendant to the spill. If this happened, and the employee didn’t clean it up, you might be able to prove that the mall is liable. Another possibility is that the spill has been there for a long time. If this is the case, you might be able to argue that an employee should have noticed it and taken action. But unless you can prove one of these scenarios, it would be very difficult to establish a strong case.

Another potential issue that you will need to overcome is comparative negligence. The mall’s lawyers might argue that the accident occurred because you weren’t looking where you were going. If you were focused on where you were walking you could have seen the spill and avoided it. Because of this, a jury will need to determine what percentage of the fault belongs to you. If they decide that you bear more than 50 percent of the responsibility, you might not be able to make a claim.

You can still get legal advice. In certain circumstances, you might have a case. However, there will be significant challenges that your attorney will need to overcome to get you compensation. Because of this, you’ll need to hire an experienced lawyer.

Is the Mall Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents that Occur in the Parking Lot/Roadway?

When walking into the mall, I fell into a depression. It was in the roadway/parking lot outside the front of the mall. I contacted mall security. Bruises were immediately visible. I’ve spent the last four months under medical care. Is the mall liable?

When walking to the mall, you might find a pothole or crack in the sidewalk. This can make you lose your footing, causing you to fall over. As we mentioned, this has the potential to cause a lot of health problems, including leaving you in hospital. If something like this has happened to you, what rights do you have?

This will depend on a few factors. First, you’ll need to establish where the pothole was located. Mall owners will have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their users. If the pothole was on their property, it is their responsibility. However, if it was a public walkway, you’ll need to take the case to the council.

Next, you will need to prove that the mall owner knew, or ought to have known, about the pothole. This is often the most difficult part of the claim. There are a few things that you’ll need to consider. First, you’ll need to think about where the pothole was located. If it was in an obscure part of the parking lot, which isn’t frequented by people, it’s feasible that the owners weren’t aware that it was there. If this is the case, you might not have a case. However, if it was in a prominent location, they likely knew and should have taken action.

The next thing that you will need to think about is how large the pothole was. The bigger it was, the more likely that they would have known it was there but choose to do nothing about it. If possible, you might also be able to find out the age of the pothole. If there had been numerous complaints, but if no action was taken, the owners might be held liable. Taking pictures of the pothole can be a good way for your lawyer to make this determination. You can also try talking to regular shoppers, seeing if they had any experience with the pothole.

Finally, you will need to prove that there was sufficient time for the owners to repair the pothole. If it had only been a few days, you might have a weak case. If it had been there for weeks or months, you might be able to bring a strong case. It’s best to talk to a personal injury lawyer, to get their thoughts on the matter.

Do I Have a Case After Fracturing My Foot During a Downpour in the Mall Parking Lot?

I was in the mall parking lot during a downpour of rain. The parking lot became very slippery and lost my footing. I went to the doctor afterward and he told me I had fractured my foot. What actions can I take against the mall?

In most cases, you might not have a strong case. There are a few reasons for this. First, you’ll need to prove that the mall owner did something wrong. You’ll then need to prove that this is what caused the injury. The mall owner has no control over whether it was raining and how much water had fallen into the parking lot. However, this doesn’t mean that you are out of luck. With an experienced lawyer, you might be able to bring a suit and get compensation.

While they don’t control how much water falls, they do control the drainage. If the car park wasn’t built to the codes, you might be able to take action. To do this, your lawyer will need to prove that this is a fault in the parking lot. They might be able to use expert evidence to do this. For example, they might consult with architects to show that the laws weren’t followed. This can prove that there wasn’t adequate drainage. They might also be able to show that that part of the parking lot has received multiple complaints. This could indicate an issue that the owners have failed to rectify.

Once you have established that the car park wasn’t built to code, you’ll need to prove that this is what caused your accident. This will often be the most difficult part of the lawsuit. But there are some important pieces of evidence that you can use to support your case. First, you might want to take pictures of the accident area. If there were people in the parking lot who saw the accident, get their contact details. They could be valuable witnesses. You might also want to get a medical report, detailing the extent of your injuries. Once you’ve gathered this evidence, check with an attorney. At The Injury Firm, we have a free consultation. This will allow us to get more information and see if you might be able to make a claim.

I Tripped and Fell on a Pothole in the Shopping Mall Parking Lot. Do I have a Strong Case?

I was walking into the mall when I tripped over a pothole. It was in the roadway. The pothole was large, about the same size as my foot. It was two inches deep. My foot and knee have been in agony ever since. Is the mall responsible?

There are a few things to think about. First, is the location of the pothole. For you to have a strong case, it will need to be in a prominent place. This ensures that the owners of the mall will need to have become aware of its presence but have chosen not to take action. A prominent location also means that it will represent a significant health risk. This means that you likely won’t have been the only one to trip over it. The more reports of incidents there are, the stronger your negligence case will be. Your personal injury lawyer might be able to subpoena these documents, to see if there was a history of accidents.

You will also need to think about how large the pothole was. There are a few reasons why this is so important. First, the bigger the pothole, the older it will be. This means that the owners had time to act on the pothole, fixing the issue, but they chose to do nothing. The best way to estimate the size of the pothole is by taking a picture.

The final component that you will need to prove is that the pothole was responsible for your injuries. Because of this, you’ll want to talk to security. Get them to make an official report of the incident. This will ensure there is a record of the time and place of the accident. It will also ensure that your injuries will be noted. The next thing that you’ll need to do is visit a doctor as soon after the accident as possible. Get them to examine you. Keep a note of any medical documents that they provide. t prove the injury was caused by the fall, and the owners should have known about the pothole, you’ll have a strong personal injury claim.

I Fractured my Foot After Parking in a Space with an Overturned Pothole Cover. Do I Have a Case?

I was going shopping and had parked the car. When I opened the door, my foot caught in a hole and I fell onto the pavement. My ankle was twisted and I was in pain. It turns out my foot had been caught in a hole. There was an overturned cover next to it. The insurer claims I am partly to blame for choosing that space. Can I still take action against the mall?

Some parking lots will use pothole covers. These are used to temporarily patch over the hole, while it can be repaired. These will often be bright yellow, making them easy to see. This ensures that you’ll be able to take action, being more careful around them. However, in this case, the pothole cover was turned over. This exposed the hole, creating a tripping hazard. It’s unclear how the cover was overturned.

You likely have a fairly strong claim. There are a few reasons for this. First, you were in a legitimate parking space. Because of this, the owner of the mall owes you a duty of care. They have tried to fulfill this by putting in the cover. However, the fix was inadequate. In this case, there will often be some questions that need to be explored. For example, your lawyer will need to try and determine whether the cover was adequate. They might also need to find how the cover became overturned. Was it secured properly in the first place? To help with these investigations, you should take a picture of the hole that you fell into. Document the position of the cover. If the car park area was covered by a security camera, alert mall officials to the accident and request a copy of the surveillance. This is a cue for them to save the tape, as your lawyer might subpoena it later. This tape might be able to give a clearer idea of how the cover was dislodged.

In cases like this, you might find that the insurance companies will try to intimidate you. They might do this by trying to convince you that you did something wrong. For example, they might say that you choose the wrong parking space. These claims aren’t true. Often, they are used to try and convince you to settle the claim. By doing this, you’ll be waiving your right to take legal action and getting less compensation than you deserve. Because of this, you should consult with your personal injury lawyer before signing any waivers or legal documents.

You might still have a strong case. Because of this, you should get it evaluated by an unbiased legal professional. At The Injury Firm, we will be able to evaluate your case for free. This will give you a good indication of whether you should pursue a claim or not.

I Lost My Balance on an Escalator. Is the Mall Responsible?

I was on an escalator, heading upwards. But I think it might have been moving too quickly. I lost my balance, falling to the floor. I went to the emergency room three days later.  I was having trouble breathing. I had broken my ribs and will need emergency surgery. Is the mall responsible for these injuries?

Mechanical issues, like an escalator breaking down can often lead to serious injuries. Because of this, mall owners must maintain these devices regularly. This will keep them working properly. Because of this, if there is a mechanical problem, the owner might be held liable.

In this case, you will need to establish a few things. First, you’ll need to prove that there was an issue with the escalator. You’ll then need to show that this was the reason why you fell. There are a few ways that your lawyer might be able to do this. For example, they might be able to talk to witnesses. They will be able to describe the cause of the problems. In other cases, they might obtain security footage. They can also get information about how often the escalator is maintained. This can indicate whether the mall was taking care of it properly.

After the accident, contact mall security and file an incident report. This will allow them to record the time and date that the accident happened. They’ll also be able to start investigating why the accident might have happened. The mall will rely on these documents when deciding whether they want to approve your claim.

The biggest problem is the length of time between the fall and seeking medical attention. We recommend going to see the doctor as soon after the accident as possible. In this case, it was three days until you sought help. This might allow the mall’s lawyers to claim that the injuries came from another source. The best way to combat this is by keeping all your paperwork. Your lawyer might be able to get the doctor to sign an affidavit, saying that they believe the injuries are consistent with a fall down the escalator.

 If the mall denies your claim, you are not out of options, you’ll be able to contact a lawyer. At The Injury Firm, we offer a free consultation. This will give us a chance to evaluate your claim and discuss how we will be able to help you.

My Toddler Fell at the Mall Play Area and Broke His Arm. Can I Take Action Against the Mall?

When we were are a shopping mall, I put my son into the play area. He’s three. There was a sign saying that he needed to remove his shoes. He did but left his socks on. When playing he fell and broke his arm above the elbow. He had to spend the rest of summer with his month in a cast. I took time off work, to care for him. Can I sue the mall?  What costs am I entitled to?

Some malls will have play areas. There will often be multiple laws that they need to follow, to make sure that these areas are safe for your child. Despite this, there is still the potential for accidents. The big question is whether or not the mall is liable. This will depend on a few factors.

First, you will need to look at the play area. The mall owners will need to provide a safe environment for all users. This includes children. When examining the play area, there are a few important questions that need to be answered. Was it made to the local standards?  Does it have the right padding?  Is the equipment safe for children to use? If you have a legal team, they’ll be able to help examine these issues. They will also look at the security footage. This will give more clarity about how the accident occurred. They will also see if there was a history of accidents in this play area. This could be an indication that the area is potentially unsafe. However, if the mall did everything right, providing the safest possible environment and this was just an accident, you might not have a strong case.

If you can show that the play area was unsafe, you will have a strong compensation case. However, you’ll need to be realistic about what you can claim. You will be able to claim for the medical costs associated with the broken arm. You might also be able to claim pain and suffering, because of the summer spent in the cast. You might be able to get loss of wages. But it’s rare for courts to award pain and suffering for parents. A good lawyer will be able to help you get the maximum amount of compensation.

I Fell on a Defective Sidewalk at the Mall. Can I Claim Compensation?

I was walking along the sidewalk in front of the mall, with my daughter. As I walked, the sidewalk material under my heel collapsed. I collapsed, hurting my foot. This has caused me a lot of medical problems, which I still struggle with today. It also caused great mental distress to both me and my daughter. Upon closer inspection, the whole sidewalk had issues. Large sections of chalking were missing. At the time, I alerted mall security. Though they made a report, nothing appears to have been changed. Do I have a case?

The first thing that you need to do is find out who owns the sidewalk. Just because it’s in front of the mall doesn’t automatically make it the mall owner’s responsibility. In some cases, it might belong to the council. It might also belong to a real estate company, rather than the mall itself. Your claim will need to be addressed to whoever owns the land. A lawyer will be able to help you do this, looking at the relevant property records.

The good news is that it seems to be an issue that the company ought to have been aware of. There has been widespread neglect, which has been going on for a long time. Because of this, they should have taken action earlier, but they have chosen not to. This is a good foundation for a negligence case, especially if you can establish a history of accidents on this stretch of sidewalk.

The biggest problem is that, for the claim to go ahead, there will need to be damages. In this case, the ankle wasn’t strained or broken. The fall might have left scarring. You’ll need to have it evaluated by a plastic surgeon. This will tell you how long the scarring is expected to last. If it’s permanent, you might be able to put together a suit. Though the incident was likely upsetting, you might not be able to claim emotional distress. If you can, the emotional distress that your daughter faced will not be part of the claim.

Because of this, you might only have a small claim. It’s best to write a certified letter and send it to the insurance company. They will then evaluate it and offer you a settlement claim. A lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf, getting you the highest amount of compensation possible.

My Child Fell at the Mall and Injured his Face. Am I Entitled to Compensation?

I took my son with me to the mall. We were looking at the rides, the ones that you need to put a quarter into. As he was making his way to the next one, his foot got stuck in a sticky spot on the floor. He lost his shoe and his balance, hitting his head on the sharp corner of the ride. Do I have a case?

Spills and stains can be a big problem for shoppers in the mall. If they aren’t cleaned up quickly, they can become sticky. This can grab hold of shoes, making it hard to move. Cleaning up these spills is the responsibility of the shopping mall and its staff. The most important thing to establish is how long the spill has been there. The mall needed to have enough time to clean it up but chose to ignore it instead. Since it was sticky, it indicates that it had been there for a while, this will support your case.

The next thing that you need to establish is that your son was injured. It’s a good idea to get him examined by a medical professional. The symptoms from a head knock have the potential to be very serious. The sooner they are detected, the better. Keep any medical records you receive. You might be able to add these costs to your claim. You will also be able to claim for any lost wages that you received while caring for your son.

In this case, it seems like there haven’t been any major lasting injuries. Because of this, you might want to try sending a letter. Enclose details of the accident, including the circumstances of the incident and the time it happened. Send this to the mall owners. Ask for compensation for the medical costs and lost wages. Include photocopies that verify the claim amounts. In most cases, the mall will check with the incident reports they have on file. This will allow them to decide whether they are going to pay the amount you are requesting or fight the costs. When preparing this letter, consult with a personal injury lawyer. If the mall owners don’t pay, your personal injury attorney will be able to tell you what the next steps should be. You might need to lodge a case in small claims court. The Injury Firm attorneys will be able to help you through this process, giving you the best chance at getting compensation.

I Slipped and Fell in a Mall on a Rainy Day. Are They Liable?

It was a rainy day and I was outside the mall. It was a rainy day and someone who doesn’t work at the mall opened the door and let me inside. This is before the mall was officially opened. I was walking through, trying to find an exit when I slipped on a puddle that had accumulated on the floor. There were no wet floor signs. I had a sprained ankle and was in pain, but I was able to walk. At the end of the day, I got home and the pain in my ankle flared. I fainted and hit my chin, requiring stitches. Am I entitled to compensation?


There are a few big issues that you’ll need to overcome to have a strong case. First, the mall is required to create a safe environment. However, they only need to take action on known threats and dangers. If the puddle hadn’t been there for long, it’s possible that the mall workers might not have seen it. In this case, they won’t be liable for the fall. Even if they were liable, the amount of compensation that you’ll be able to claim from a sprained ankle will be minimal.

However, the biggest issue is with the damages that you incurred. It’s possible that your lawyer can help get you compensation for the medical expenses associated with your sprained ankle. However, the fall occurred at home. The mall is only responsible for foreseeable damages. In this case, there is no way to predict that you would faint at home, and hit your chin. Because of this, the owners of the mall won’t be responsible for these injuries.

I Tripped Outside a Mall, Now the Owner is Ignoring Me. What Should I Do?

I was walking outside a mall when I tripped on something. After the accident, I went to the doctor and got told that I had broken my arm. I didn’t fill out an injury report at the mall. Initially, the owner was helpful, bringing the forms to me. I was then able to fill them out. A few weeks later, the front of the mall had been completely changed, the hazard was gone. Now the mall owner is refusing to process my claim. What should I do?

When you go to a shopping mall, you have the right to be in a safe environment. This applies regardless of where you are on the mall grounds. If the company knew about the hazard in advance but didn’t take any action, they will be negligent. This means that they will be held liable for your injuries.

After the accident, you should keep all the medical records. This will allow you to prove the extent of the injuries. It will also ensure that you’ll be able to prove that the broken arm was caused because of the hazard at the mall. Based on this, it seems like you have a strong case.

It should be noted that the mall owner changing the front of the mall seems, at first glance, to be very damning. However, this is called remedial works. This is designed to remove the hazards from the area, ensuring that no-one else will be hurt when entering the mall. This can’t be used against the owners in court. It doesn’t prove that the mall did anything wrong.

If the mall owner is no longer co-operating, it’s best to turn to a personal injury lawyer. They will be able to help you prepare a lawsuit. This includes gathering important evidence, to identify what hazard caused you to trip. A business owner is much less likely to ignore a legal suit. This could be the catalyst needed to start the settlement process. If not, you can take them to court to get the compensation you deserve.

I was Pushing my Daughter’s Stroller When I Fell in the Mall. Can I Sue For Damages?

I was walking through the mall, pushing my daughter in her stroller. Suddenly, I lost my footing on some spilled coffee. We weren’t in the food court. There wasn’t a warning sign around the spill. I hurt my toe and back in the fall, but I haven’t been to the doctor. Do I have a case? 

Mall owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their customers. However, for them to take action they need to know that the threat was there. Because of this, there will often be more staff focused on high-risk areas, like the food court. These are the areas where customers will be most likely to spill food and drinks. However, spills can occur throughout the rest of the mall. Because of this, it’s important that mall staff remain vigilant at all times, reporting all threats. In this case, it’s possible that they might not have known that the spill was there. This will make it hard for your lawyer to prove that they were negligent.

The next issue that you need to face is how you dealt with the injuries. After all slip and fall accidents, you should go to the doctor. Though it might seem like a minor injury, the rush of adrenaline might be masking a more serious problem. The longer you wait to see a medical professional, the harder it will be to prove that the injuries were caused by the slip and fall accident. Without this element, you won’t have a strong claim.

Because you were not seriously hurt, you might want to try contacting the mall first. Explain the injury and provide a copy of the medical bills that you received. They might be willing to settle the claim, paying for the bills. If this doesn’t work, you can book a free consultation to see whether a personal injury lawyer will be able to help.

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The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only.  This website may contain information about The Injury Firm's past results, testimonials about the firm or a lawyer within the firm, and statements regarding the quality of The Injury Firm's work product. This information has not been reviewed or approved by The Florida Bar. Please be advised that: 1) the facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters for which results and testimonials have been provided: 2) Not all results of cases handled by the firm or its lawyers are provided and not all clients have given testimonials; and 3) The results and testimonials provided are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the firm or by its lawyers or of the experience of all clients or others within the firm or its lawyers. Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.

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