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Should I Get a Car Accident Lawyer for a Car Accident?

No one looks forward to being involved in a car accident. The risk remains, however, for every road user. Car accidents kill as much as 32,000 people annually in the United States and more than two million people suffer injuries from car collisions in the country.

What happens when you are involved in a car accident? The possible outcomes are numerous but those relating to your health and losses should be prioritized. Depending on the state you live or where the accident occurred, there are variations in the way car accidents are treated and how victims can seek compensation from insurers, at-fault drivers, and other parties involved.

Coming to the question under review: should you get a car accident lawyer for a car accident? The simple answer is yes, the services of a car accident lawyer are important if you are involved in any serious car accident or entangled in a car accident claim. Even in a no-fault state like Florida, the services of a personal injury lawyer will be necessary if you want to get the compensation you deserve or come out of a car accident case in the best shape.

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Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

As mentioned earlier, car accidents can have several outcomes. While some accidents are too minor that they do not result in any serious loss, others are so serious that they claim human lives or have lifelong effects on victims. Here are some of the possible outcomes of car accidents and instances where the services of an attorney will be needed:

  • Death – Severe accidents can result in death. The loss of human lives is never treated lightly so there must be justice to all parties. Whether you are a surviving loved one or the opposing driver in a fatal accident, working with a car accident lawyer is important. Other attorneys may get involved in the case but make sure you retain the services of a car accident lawyer.
  • Serious Injuries – Drivers and/or their passengers may suffer serious injuries as a result of a car accident. Such injuries may be permanent in nature and the victim deserves so much in terms of compensation. You can’t expect to get everything you deserve when you are working alone. Hiring an accident lawyer is the right thing to do.
  • Fault – Even in no-fault states like Florida, the at-fault driver may be sued in some instances and made to cater for the medical expenses and other damages the other driver or passenger involved in an accident had suffered. Even the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) law that requires drivers to seek compensation from their insurers has limits and a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer will know your rights and fight for your interest.
  • Police Report – An unfavorable police report after an accident can carry heavy legal implications. Besides jeopardizing your car accident claim, it may affect your licensure and/or lead to several economic losses. If there is a police report that puts the blame on you and you feel it is not accurate, hire a car accident lawyer to pursue your case.
  • Involvement of Attorneys – In most instances, the other parties involved in the accident will hire attorneys to protect their interests. You will be doing yourself a great disservice by pursuing the case on your own. You will gain so much more by having a car accident lawyer working for you.
  • Involvement of Additional Parties – There are so many car accidents that attract parties other than the 2 drivers. Other vehicles, parked or in motion, as well as pedestrians, may be affected by the accident and a car accident lawyer will see that every case brought against you is settled.
  • Insurance Issues – Insurance companies are typically trying to pay as little as possible after a car accident. Knowing that the insurance adjuster works for the company and protects their interest, the best thing to do is to hire your own car accident lawyer. Also, note that all insurance companies have big-time lawyers working for them. Going against such lawyers alone puts you at a great disadvantage. With a reputable car accident lawyer by your side, you will be leveling the playing field.
  • Other Issues – There are few other issues that will warrant the attention and intervention of a car accident lawyer after a car accident. If you are confused about your insurance policy or feel that your insurer is not acting in good faith, try to speak with a car accident lawyer. If you are also stuck in negotiation with the insurer, get an attorney involved.

Once you are not certain of your rights and can’t correctly estimate how much you should get as compensation, hire a car accident attorney to represent you. It is important to clearly state here that almost everyone can’t fully understand the compensation they deserve.

Insurance companies and their adjusters are also always willing to offer settlements that are way below what the victim deserves. You will need a personal injury lawyer that specializes in car accidents and related issues to work on your behalf.

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When to Speak With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in a car accident, the very first thing to do is to reach out for medical help. Your life and health is more important than anything else. Depending on the nature of the accident, you may or may not spend much time in a medical facility. Once you are in good physical condition, it is expected that you make contact with a car accident lawyer. If you come out from an accident with little or no minor injuries, you should contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

By making early initial contact with a car accident lawyer, you will be taking a key step in the right direction. Depending on the nature of the accident, the lawyer will guide you through the most critical aspects of the repercussions of car accidents. Whether you are at fault or a victim of the accident, your interests will be fully protected. You will also be able to get all damages you deserve.

There are people who assume that hiring car accident attorneys is expensive. This cannot be further from the truth. Almost in every case, victims of car accidents are always able to get compensations that are hundreds of times better when they work with car accident lawyers instead of pursuing their car accident claim on their own. This is even after legal charges have been deducted from the damages they were awarded. This means you are signing off so many potential damages by trying to work alone. The odds are already stacked against you when you consider the caliber of people working for the insurance companies. With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will be at an advantage.

A car accident can result in so many things, depending on its severity. Once you are involved in an accident, working with a car accident lawyer is important. It is unwise to try to handle things on your own. A reputable Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer like the ones in The Injury Firm will protect your rights and get you everything you deserve after a car accident.

Let Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Represent You!

Do you need expert representation in your car accident in Florida? An accident is usually accompanied by serious injuries, loss of property, or life. You are either emotionally down, sad, hurt, or frustrated. Contact us today at The Injury Firm - Galsterer & Abramowitz, P.A. to speak with any of our car accident lawyers.

Our dedicated team of well-experienced car accident lawyers will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We promise to provide you with vigorous representation in your car accident case. With us, you are guaranteed to get the substantial compensation that you deserve. A fantastic experience awaits you!

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