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Slip and Fall at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood

There’s no doubt about it, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, is a beautiful location to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Every year, millions of Americans pack their bags and head to this part of the country to escape work deadlines. While we assume everything will go well while staying in a luxury hotel, accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, people slip and fall around the hotel. In many cases, the individual isn’t to blame, and they’re entitled to compensation after proving the negligence of the hotel.

About Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

When it comes to entertainment in South Florida, it doesn’t get much better than the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. If we were to explain all the entertainment options on offer, it would take up most of this article. Covering over 140,000 square feet, the casino is one of the most impressive in the country and it’s thought to contain no fewer than 2,000 slot machines. In case this isn’t enough, you’ll find 40 poker tables, 100 table games, and plenty of other opportunities to have fun (responsibly, of course!).

After playing in the casino, guests and visitors can visit one of the many eateries with cafes and bars scattered around the location. For those who need it, you’ll even find a fitness center and spa. With nearly 470 luxury rooms, the hotel frequently puts on shows, concerts, stand-up comedians, and other entertainment.

With so much to discover, numerous dangers and hazards exist for guests and this sadly leads to slip and fall accidents. If you’ve experienced a slip and fall injury, feel free to call experienced Seminole Hard Rock accident lawyers today.

Why Slip and Fall Cases Differ on Indian Reservations

There are differences between a slip and fall injury in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and injuries elsewhere because of the business type and ownership. Firstly, many Native American tribes run the casinos in Florida on Indian Reservations. As well as the hotel in question, this includes the Seminole Casino Big Cypress, Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, and The Miccosukee Resort and Gaming Center.

In the Indian Gaming Industry Report from Casino City, California is the biggest state for Indian casino revenue and generates around $8.4 billion each year. In the second position, we find Oklahoma with $4.4 billion. Then comes Florida with yearly revenue of $2.5 billion. Therefore, it’s important to get the right legal representation after an injury on site.

As well as ownership, the nature of the business often causes issues for victims. Rather than falling under federal or state laws, these casinos are considered sovereign lands, and this means that they’re autonomous territories. They have their own court systems, rules, law enforcement, and more. These casinos don’t even fall under local jurisdiction; instead, a Native American Tribal Council governs them.

Don’t worry, The Injury Firm has experience with these types of cases and can help yours in Hollywood, Florida. We know how the system works, how to compile a strong case, and how to put you in the best position to get the compensation you need to cover increased costs.

Common Accidents at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Although we’re focusing mainly on slip and fall accidents, many types of accidents occur around this type of resort. When negligence is a factor, victims can contact a personal injury lawyer and make a claim (but more on this later!). Here are some of the common accident types:

Slip and Fall - As the focal point for this guide, slip and fall accidents are so problematic because most victims aren’t expecting them. For example, we don’t expect to slip on some spilled liquid in a restaurant. With a lack of preparation, we aren’t ready, and this leads to a serious slip and fall injury. Potential hazards include obstructed walkways, wet floor from spillages, uneven flooring, poor lighting outside, upturned rugs and carpets, damaged stairs, and troublesome escalators.

Shuttle - For some people, they need a personal injury lawyer because of what happens in the shuttle as opposed to the hotel itself. Since this is often a service offered by the casino, it comes under the hotel’s responsibility. An example would be negligence from the driver causing an accident.

Food Poisoning - With many food outlets at the resort, it’s critical that the company trains employees and follows all the right safety protocols - this includes food preparation and handling. Without proper care, you may experience food poisoning and serious cases may lead to compensation.

Machines - Earlier, we mentioned that this casino resort had over 2,000 slot machines. While this is great for the playing experience, there’s a risk that management teams don’t keep the machines maintained effectively. As well as the machine, we’ve also seen people experience injuries on chairs. If chairs aren’t maintained, small issues aren’t fixed, and an accident is inevitable.

Security - As a hotel and casino, the company has a responsibility to protect all guests and keep them safe while on the premises. As far as security goes, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino should have security guards, security camera systems, and lighting in parking lots and other dark areas.

Our Seminole Hard Rock accident lawyers can help if the security measures aren’t up to standard at the hotel. Alternatively, it could be that sensitive areas were left unguarded at critical times or that the lighting wasn’t bright enough for the area it covered.

Elsewhere, other dangers at a hotel and casino resort include issues with the escalator, dangers around the swimming pool (including a lack of trained lifeguards), and improper maintenance on the grounds.

This guide is focusing on slip and fall accidents, but we want you to have the confidence to reach out for any type of injury experienced at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. If the accident wasn’t your fault, and you feel the company was negligent and neglected its duty to guests, we’d love to hear from you.

Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

Many people without experience in this area assume that slips and falls lead to a few bruises but nothing more serious than this. However, trust us when we say that a slip and fall injury has the potential to be very serious. In some cases, victims require medical attention and can’t work for some time afterward.

At the top of the list, victims commonly dislocate, fracture, or break bones while trying to break their fall. As well as the wrist, breaks occur in the ankle, arm, and more. Similarly, victims can dislocate their shoulder, damage the knee, and experience other harm.

Depending on the type of accident, we’ve also seen people suffer scalds, burns, and lacerations after a slip and fall accident. If the victim is carrying hot drinks, slipping over spilled liquid or food has the potential to cause serious damage. They slip, drop the tray of hot drink (which spills over their arms), put out the arm to break their fall, and could even bang their head on the way down.

This brings us to one of the biggest potential problems with a slip and fall accident - head damage. While some harm the skull, others experience brain damage. After wanting to enjoy the amazing hotel and casino, they walk away with injuries that will affect them for life.

Cost of a Slip and Fall Accident 

For many victims, the problem they experience is that their finances are hit on both sides - their expenses increase while income decreases. After experiencing a slip and fall injury, you can’t avoid medical bills (and this means paying for surgery, medication, and other services). At the same time, you’re unable to work. For something that wasn’t your fault, this is a severe penalty.

If you’re noticing the hit to your finances, now is the time to reach out to the professionals at The Injury Firm. Not only will you receive a free case evaluation, but you also won’t pay anything until the case is settled. Allow us to take care of the legal proceedings while you take care of yourself.

Proving Fault In a Slip and Fall Accident

After contacting Seminole Hard Rock accident lawyers, one of the first discussions you’ll have concerns liability and fault. In other words, who and what was the cause of the accident? If you were trespassing, using equipment incorrectly, or to blame in another way, you’ll struggle to recover compensation. If the company was negligent, you’re likely to recover damages (both economic and non-economic).

1. Duty of Care

How will The Injury Firm prove fault? It starts with a duty of care, and this is one of the easiest parts to prove. Premises liability cases need to prove a duty of care between the defendant and the claimant; since we’re talking about a hotel and casino, this is easy to show. As soon as you enter the premises of the company, they’re responsible for your safety as a paying customer. All around the country, businesses owe a duty of care to all patrons whether this is a restaurant, hair salon, grocery store, or office.

2. Breach of Duty of Care

After showing that the casino owed a duty of care, the second step is to prove that they breached this duty. This is slightly more difficult and often the crux of a personal injury or premises liability case. Did the casino breach its duty of care towards you as a customer? This is where we earn our money as a personal injury lawyer and where some victims go wrong by choosing to claim without legal assistance.

To prove a breach, we’ll need to gather evidence, speak to eyewitnesses, assess the medical and accident reports, etc. While the casino has a duty of care, whether or not you have a case depends on the circumstances of the accident. For example, staff in a restaurant can’t be expected to spot, clean, and warn of a spillage three seconds after it happens. Yet, it’s a different story after two hours. As you’ve probably noticed, every case is unique, and you’ll need to speak with our team before making a decision.

If the stairs in a cafe had been damaged for three months, this suggests a breach of duty of care. If an obstruction appeared seconds before an accident, this probably isn’t enough time for the company to act. Staff should keep an eye out for hazards, but they aren’t superheroes.

3. Injuries

As the third step, you need to have serious injuries to make a claim against a hotel and casino like Seminole Hard Rock. Often, people forget that compensation is designed to cover medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and similar expenses. If you only experienced a small scratch, it wouldn’t be worth claiming because you haven’t experienced significant damages.

On the other hand, you should claim if you suffered one of the ailments listed previously. Broken bones and fractures cause substantial medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Therefore, they generate larger compensation packages.

4. Correlation Between Accident and Injuries

As the fourth and final step, we’ll need to prove that the injuries you’ve experienced were caused by the negligence (or breach of duty) of the company. Of course, you can’t claim for pre-existing injuries because the system is designed to hold companies accountable for negligence. If we can prove that the negligence of the company caused your injuries, you’re in a strong position for compensation.

Obtaining Compensation with The Injury Firm

Premises liability laws suggest that the owner of a property has a duty of care to all visitors after explicitly inviting them onto the land, and this applies to Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. You shouldn’t expect to prove fault through the four steps above alone; plenty of people have tried in the past and walked away with less than they deserve. We said that every case is different, but some common damages include:

  • Medical bills (cost of medication, surgery, and other medical services)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning potential

You don’t want to go through the whole process again in a couple of years, and this is why your claim/case will include existing and future costs. For example, this means medical bills you’ve already generated as well as future physiotherapy sessions and other care. With everything considered, you receive a full compensation package and shouldn’t have to claim again in the future.

Also, we should mention that all the damages listed above are called ‘economic damages’. In other words, they’re monetary damages with a tangible amount attached to them. Compensation is designed to recover the cost of all lost income, for instance, and this amount is easily calculated by assessing your salary and the amount of time you need to take away from work.

However, slip and fall injury claims can also contain non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. This is compensation to cover the emotional damage and distress caused by the accident. Likewise, those claiming on behalf of a loved one could receive loss of consortium, loss of companionship, and other damages.

Whatever the shape of your case, we urge you to contact the dedicated team at The Injury Firm today. We have the experience you need to compile a claim and finally get the compensation you and your family need. If you have questions or aren’t sure about your claim, why not take advantage of our free case evaluation?

While you focus on recovery, we’ll gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and bring a claim to the insurance company. As your personal injury lawyer after a slip and fall injury, you can rely on us to protect your legal rights and fight in your corner at all times. We’ll deal with the sneaky tactics of insurance adjusters and we can even take the case to court if the insurance company fails to offer a reasonable compensation amount.

With our free case evaluation, you have nothing to lose; you’ll only pay if we recover compensation on your behalf. If you’ve suffered an injury at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, feel free to pick up the phone today. Even if you experienced a shuttle, machine, or security accident, we’re here to help those who need it most!

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