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How to File a Slip and Fall Claim Against Target

Target is a popular retailer, which makes them a formidable opponent should you have to go against them in court for a slip and fall claim. They have seemingly unlimited resources to fight claims against them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go up against them and win. If you have had an accident where you slipped and fell at a Target, this article will help walk you through the process of filing your claim against the retailer.

Did you just have a slip and fall incident at Target? The first thing that you should have done is to document the injuries and the location where you were injured. Take pictures right away on the scene of the injury at Target before you even report the incident. This should be done as soon as possible in order to get the best evidence for your claim. Retailers like Target have the resources they need to get rid of the evidence right away to fight claims of liability. It doesn’t matter if the hazard was there all day before your accident; you can guarantee right after your accident it will be fixed immediately.

You should take these steps right away, if you don’t need to hurry to the hospital:

  • Start by immediately documenting exactly what happened by using your phone’s camera. Take both pictures and video. You need to be sure to do this before you even talk to a Target employee.
  • After documenting the injury you sustained at Target, you can then ask to see the manager. It is important that you clearly express that you didn’t just fall, you also got hurt. Ask the manager for their name, then ask them about the proper Target personnel to report the incident.
  • You should not apologize for the incident. Just by saying something like “I guess I just was clumsy”, because they can and will use this statement against you.
  • If anyone saw you slip and fall at Target, talk to them. Document this conversation and ask them if you can contact them in case you need a witness.
  • Most importantly, stay calm throughout this process. When you’re in pain it can be difficult to focus on this process, but it is very important that you do. You will also need to stay calm, especially since the Target manager will try to put the blame on you. By staying calm, you will be less likely to say something that will hurt your case.

Now that you took these important first steps in the process, your next step should be to speak to a personal injury attorney. When you meet with a lawyer, they need to go through their own process to see whether or not they will move forward with your claim. This process includes:

  • The first thing that the lawyer will do is to determine whether or not you even have a case. They will see if you have a valid legal claim and can estimate your potential recovery from Target.
  • If you do have a valid legal claim against Target, the lawyer will take the next step in filing a claim against them. They will take care of everything for you at this point, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with them.
  • Lawyers will be able to get video footage of the incident to help your claim. Since Target tends to have cameras everywhere, it’s a safe bet they caught the slip and fall. Lawyers also understand that they need to act quickly on this before Target can erase the footage.
  • Lawyers then take a close look at the policies that Target has in place. Target usually has so many procedures in place that their employees won’t typically know all of them. This paperwork may even have evidence of wrongdoing on their part.
  • Should the case need to go to court, the lawyer will put in the work to fight for you. They will build the evidence and negotiate with Target to come up with the best settlement that they possibly can. Generally, Target tends to resolve these cases outside of the court with a settlement.

It is very important that you have a lawyer to work with you from the beginning of this process. Target will pay to have the best lawyers protect their assets, so you should too. Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to offer you the best possible outcomes for your slip and fall accident. A big reason for this is because Target will generally move to have the case heard in federal court if the claim is over $75,000. A personal injury attorney will have experience in federal court and negotiation. It can be easy for a large company like Target to push around accident victims. When you’re injured, a personal injury attorney can be the best asset for you.

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