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Slip and Fall in Best Buy

Best Buy is a name familiar to almost every shopper in America, as well as several outside of it. With more than a thousand locations in three countries, this store chain has, in many ways, become the US’s definitive consumer electronics outfit.

And as you are likely aware, consumer electronics outlets represent less chance of slip-and-fall related accidents than many other retail outlets, as they rarely stock any substantial amount of liquid, ice, or other substances that are apt to cause slippage.

However, accidents are still very much a possibility – particularly in the bathrooms, where water slippage is a very present possibility, as well as around areas where smaller objects, such as CDs and DVDs, are stored.

Page 7 of the 2015 Best Buy Code of Business Ethics states “We have an ethical responsibility to keep our co-workers and customers safe”, going on to say that “It’s impossible to have fun or be the best if any employee of customer is injured, or if Best Buy property is damaged or unsafe”. It should be noted, however, that the Code does not seem to provide employees with any direct instruction for ensuring the safety of customers.

And as with most retail outlets, should you experience injury by slipping and falling while on Best Buy’s premises, you may be entitled to compensation for lost time and wages, medical bills, physical and emotional trauma, and various other damages.

There is noteworthy and recent precedence for this. For instance, in August 2009, Kathleen Siffel filed a claim in the Court of Common Pleas (later moved to the federal court) against a Best Buy in Pennsylvania. Siffel alleged that, when entering the store, she slipped on a paper advertisement on the floor, breaking the bones in her right foot and causing a stress fracture in her left.

Some years earlier, around late 2001, in a similar incident, Miriam W Williams filed a complaint against Best Buy in the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia. She alleged that, while entering a local Best Buy retail outlet, she tripped on a curb and sustained injuries. The damages claimed included physical injuries, mental anguish, medical bills, lost wages, and a diminished earning capacity, all of which, it was alleged, would continue indefinitely.

In other words, should you feel that you have a case to sue Best Buy for slip-and-fall related damages, you would certainly not be the first one. However, as is always the case with such things, it is best to take the proper legal approach toward filing such complaints – this, in the long run, dramatically enhances the chance of your claim being successful.

Search your local area for attorneys and legal firms. Many attorneys specialise specifically in slip-and-fall cases; consult your local firms to find out whether any such representatives work there. Compile the basic information about your Best Buy claim, and ensure that it is easily available and accessible – a properly organised claim is one that stands a far greater chance of being taken seriously in court.

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