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Since we live in such a popular part of the country, taxis are a great way to get around. Just as they take tourists from one of our beautiful locations to the next, they also come in handy for trips to work, when we don’t want to worry about parking, or even if we get caught out in the rain. In fact, they also save lives because they provide a service that reduces the need to drive after having drinks with friends. With taxis being so common these days, they’re regulated quite heavily and must provide safety and a high standard of care for all.

With risks on the road always making themselves present, taxi accidents do occur and, as passengers of the service, there’s not much we can do to prevent this. When it comes to the backlash of a personal injury taxi accident, the process can be a little more complex than normal because it includes the driver, the taxi company, and the insurance company.

Although you might not think it’s common, taxi accidents account for thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year. Of course, we expect the highest level of service when in a taxi and we expect to be transported to our destination without any issues. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen whether through the negligence of the driver or any other driver on the roads.

Taxi Service Duties - When taxi companies form, they must fulfill the following requirements;

  • Have a team of skilled drivers who show positive driving habits
  • Offer well-maintained and safe vehicles
  • Transport passengers with care and vigilance
  • Guarantee the safety of all passengers by exercising caution at all times
  • Warn passengers of any upcoming dangers
  • Ensure all vehicles meet the safety laws and other regulations

If a taxi driver, or their company, breaches any of these rules, it increases the likelihood of an accident. In the past, we’ve seen numerous companies breach the rules and these led directly to an incident with another road user. For example, incidents have been caused by reckless driving, failure to fix issues with the vehicle, failure to help passengers in/out of the taxi, and not stopping in a safe location for the drop-off point.

Taxi Service Regulations - According to the laws in the State of Florida, certain regulations must be met by all companies including;

  • All taxi companies must have the appropriate insurance
  • Taxi companies cannot choose the no-fault insurance policy
  • All taxi cabs will need to be registered
  • All taxi companies require some level of basic coverage including $250,000 per taxi incident and $125,000 per person of bodily liability coverage and $50,000 for property damage liability insurance.

Rather than taking these steps, many companies have attempted to reduce their costs by treating all drivers as independent contractors. Essentially, this means the drivers lease the vehicles from the company and this leaves the driver vulnerable. Since all drivers require their own insurance, the taxi company can absolve themselves from blame whenever a driver is negligent.

Taxi Accident Causes - In truth, there are several causes of taxi incidents and we’ve seen all sorts of reasons in the past. However, there are some far more common than others.

  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted drivers
  • Speeding
  • Tricky weather conditions
  • Driving while exhausted

In terms of the accidents themselves, there are two ways an accident can occur. As well as being a passenger when the taxi has an accident, you could be another road user who has an incident with a taxi. If you’re the passenger and an accident occurs, your lawsuit will revolve around damage claims. Depending on the accident in question, you could either file against the taxi company (or driver) or the driver of the other car. Therefore, it’s important you know who caused the incident before making a decision.

On the other hand, what if a taxi hits your car or motorcycle (or even if you’re a passenger on either)? In order to claim, you’ll need to provide liability as well as damages. With the right legal support, you shouldn't have an issue proving negligence to defend yourself just in case the taxi company decides to blame you.

Choosing A Lawyer - Whenever you get into any type of taxi accident, you’ll need a professional and experienced lawyer to look after your needs. Ultimately, we recommend looking for a service confident in taking on insurance companies since they can be quite awkward when rejecting damages. Over the years, insurance companies have developed many different tricks to minimize the settlement and your lawyer should know how to deal with these.

With the best companies, they should offer a free consultation so you can discuss the case before they make a decision on whether or not to represent you. When you choose a reliable lawyer, they’ll help you to file your personal injury lawsuit so you can receive compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, medical bills, and damage to your vehicle. If your loved one died as a result of the incident, a wrongful death case can be filed against the at-fault driver (or the company) for compensation.

With this information we’ve provided today, you should now have everything you need to make a decision regarding an lawyer. Remember, as a passenger, you have no responsibility for the incident and therefore your injuries. Unless you were violating taxi rules or distracting the driver in some way, liability will fall in another direction. With this in mind, you shouldn't have to pay for your injuries and lose out on wages as a result.

Despite this helpful information, prevention will always be better than the cure so be as vigilant as possible even as the passenger. In some ways, the taxi driver has your life in their hands so there’s nothing wrong with paying attention. Although you aren't in control of the vehicle, you can take better control of your life just by being aware of the hazards.

If you’ve recently experienced an injury after a taxi accident, please feel free to get in contact with The Injury Firm today. With experienced personal injury lawyers who are reliable and passionate in everything they do, they can help you to obtain the deserved compensation. With a free consultation, dial our number and speak to an expert and you can get the ball rolling towards the recuperation of lost wages, medical expenses, and vehicle damage. 954-951-0000

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