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Slip And Fall In Trader Joe’s! How To Act? And What To Expect?

Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence. Slip and fall injury is also known as a trip and fall injury. They can occur at a mall, a friend’s house, a grocery store, etc.

Considering the likelihood of slip and fall accidents, it can either be because of the person or the third party. The third party is the owner of the place where the accident occurred.

In a slip and fall case, a person can either be a generally clumsy individual or the conditions were such that caused them to sustain that injury. If the person was a careful individual and suffered the damage due to the third party, the third party will then be held liable.

However, the owner of the premises will only be held liable if she/he did not take sufficient actions like to warn the person of the problem or correct the problem to avoid such situations.

The owner of the premises is then held accountable if they don’t go through the standard procedures.

Table of Content:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Slip and fall injuries circumstances
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Do you suffer a slip and fall? What to do now?
  • Complications in slip and fall cases
  • Why choose a professional service?
  • Final Thought:

Trader Joe’s

traderi jos storefrontTrader Joe’s, with over 450 stores spread across the US, it is one of the largest grocery chains. They provide exceptional products and values for their customers and thus attract a large number of customers.

They are incredibly successful because they have unique and exclusive products that are not available in other places like in bakery, produce frozen goods, etc.

They have over 10000 employees that maintain the stores across the US. But as the stores are reasonably large, keeping a check on all spills and slippery substances is hard. Therefore, they can be overlooked and result in people tripping and slipping.

Trader Joe's cater to a large market, and thus it’s their duty to make sure that their customers are safe. They need to make sure that their premises are secure for the customers and that they do not sustain any injuries. Any injuries suffered due to their neglect makes them liable.

Trader Joe's is a giant superstore with multiple aisles and products. So, it is easy to find spills or leaks in one aisle or another. They can lead to minor or significant slips.

Usually, slip and falls in a grocery store do not end up with severe injuries, but in other cases, it might. These severe injuries can be because of careless customers or negligent staff.

Trader Joe's is a popular place where a variety of products can be bought, and a lot of people in Florida shop for organic and unique foods from them as they cannot be purchased from anywhere else. However, there are chances that your dinner trip turns into a hospital trip.

Slip And Fall Injuries Circumstances

Trader Joe's is an exceptional superstore, but there is a chance that the customers might run into hazardous situations resulting in slip and fall injuries. Although not all injuries turn out to be severe, some situation might lead to them like:

  • Spills or leaks that are not cleaned properly
  • Food debris in the produce section
  • Water leaks from refrigerators or packaging
  • Carelessly left products by customers
  • Unchecked infrastructural issues like cracks in the floor
  • Highly waxed floors without any warning signs
  • Wet flooring without caution signs
  • Poor lighting

These situations can lead to injuries that can be serious. If the owner has not taken any proper action to make sure that their customer is aware of the risk in the area, they will be held liable.

On the other hand, if the owner has taken proper action to these situations and has warned the customer one way or the other, they won't be held accountable for any injuries sustained.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Some slip and falls don't result in any serious injuries, but sometimes they can be severe and might lead to some serious health issues. Slip and fall might lead to injuries like:

  • Broken bones
  • Hip injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Strained ligaments
  • Paralysis
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head injury
  • Concussion
  • Strained tendons
  • Trauma

The damages caused by these injuries can be a costly event and can take a toll on your savings. They can result in a number of impacts, that include:

  • Lost wages: the injury might have caused permeant or temporary disabilities that made you unable to go to your work, thus resulting in lost wages.
  • Medical bills: the injuries sustained might have led to a number of medical-related expenditures. The medical bills might include hospital stays, physical therapy, examinations, medicine, etc. and they all are pretty expensive.
  • Pain and suffering: the injury might have led to mental trauma and resulted in humiliation or fears.

The impact that the injury has on your life as a whole wouldn’t have happened if you did not have suffered the accident.

So, if the injuries sustained are due to the premises, the injuries sustained would be the premises liability, and they can be held accountable. Thus, these injuries can then hold up for compensation.

Do You Suffer A Slip And Fall? What To Do Now?

Most slip and fall lawsuits are complicated legal proceedings. The state has specific laws and circumstances under which the slip and fall cases are comparable to other personal injury lawsuits.

But still, the plaintiff has to prove that the defendant was negligent and, therefore, partly responsible for the accident to demand any compensation.

Therefore, most slip and fall cases don’t go to trial, as some settle the cases before they reach court. If you find yourself in a particular situation like this where Trader Joe's negligence caused you an injury, you must go through a proper process, that is:

  • First, you get medical assistance for your injury
  • Then write down the conditions of the accident and make sure whether the cause was your negligence or the premises
  • If you can, or a friend can take a picture of the premise to avoid the destruction of evidence
  • Inform the Trader Joe’s employee of the accident and its cause so that they are aware of the situation and know that accident has occurred
  • Make sure that you do not sign any documents given by Trader Joe’s until and unless your lawyer permits
  • Make sure that you keep evidence of your clothing so that they cannot be used against you
  • If there are witnesses at the time of the accident take their contact information, so you have substantial proof
  • Hire a lawyer, specifically an experienced personal injury attorney who can interpret state laws and circumstances in which you are liable for compensation

Complications In Slip And Fall Cases

Even if you go through a proper process, you might have to face some issues when you file a slip and fall lawsuit. A lawsuit might then lead the defendant to take action against you to deter you from taking any further action.

They might try blaming the incident on you, might try to delay your compensation, or try to claim that you weren't hurt in the accident. 

The defendant might counter your arguments by merely stating that “Why weren’t you more careful while walking?” or that “You knew it was raining, so you should have been more careful, so why weren’t you?”

These statements can easily counteract the proof provided if they are not strong enough. There are cases in which the plaintiff was able to receive compensation. One of the cases was:

·       A woman receiving 85% compensation

In this case, the women suffered a slip and fall, which resulted in some severe injuries. The woman herniated a disc in her neck and fractured her knee due to the slip she experienced.

She claimed that due to the failed attempt of the employees to maintain the mats in the vestibule area, caused her to slip and fall. It had been raining that day, so slippery floors' chances had increased. The employees were unable to do any proper control, as there were no wet floor signs that made the customers aware of the slippery floor situation.

The defense, on the other hand, claimed that there were warning cones in the area. Then the defendant suggested that they did not have sufficient time to react to any potential problem. They also indicated that the plaintiff was exaggerating her injuries.

The jury gave the final verdict in favor of the plaintiff. They suggested that the premises liability was 85% and 15% for the woman. So, 85% of the plaintiff’s injuries expense was given by Trader Joe’s, and it amounted to $438,559 as the total expense of her injuries was $517,128.

This happened due to the defenses weak argument in which they stated that they placed the cones and simultaneously indicated that they did not have time to react, which made the case ingenuous. Thus, the premises were held 85% accountable.

Why Choose A Professional Service?

It may seem that fighting a lawsuit alone is the best way to go. But slip and fall cases are tricky, and thus they require good lawyers if you want to receive any compensation from a negligent owner. In Florida, many people are subjected to slip and fall incidents, and they never make it to trial or court.

If these cases do manage to go to trial due to insufficient evidence or proper guidance, many people never receive the compensations. The best way to receive any compensation is through a personal injury lawyer.

There are many reasons why professional guidance will help you in your journey. They are:

  • Tactics: there are many ways in which the case can take a u-turn. The company can pull nasty tricks and might blame you for the accident instead. As we have observed in the above example, the defendant tries to minimize the plaintiff's injury by suggesting that she was over exaggerating. There are other tricks that the defendant might apply to render your case void.
  • Process: there is a complicated process involving the getting of compensation. They could confuse you with difficult questions and language that might result in you failing the case as it might lead you to say something that can make your case weak.
  • Time: as there are many things that you will be unfamiliar with, you will have to spend much time and effort on defending yourself and finding solutions to your problems that can arise during the trial. If you are unaware and cannot answer correctly, it could lead to you losing the case.

It is best if you invest in a professional and experienced lawyer that can keep you out of any problematic situations and tell you the probability of you winning or losing.

The Injury Firm is an excellent place to invest as they have been involved in many cases, and they know how the situations mostly unfold. They have spent a lot of time in personal injury cases and therefore are now well equipped in overcoming any problems that can arise during a trial.

The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale sees many different slips and fall cases every year, and many of the accidents that occur can be prevented. They are a professional firm that has experienced lawyers working in this area for many years, and they will surely help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Injury Firm lawyers are resourceful and trustworthy. They are competent as they are equipped with an investigation team that can obtain evidence regarding the case. They know the tricks of how to deal with difficult circumstances. T

They have high negotiation skills and can help you get the compensation that you deserve, whether its inside or outside the court. They have the power and resources to make the problematic cases of slip and fall to litigate.

Final Thought:

In the end, all of it comes down to your choice, whether you choose to hire The Injury Firm or deal with the slip and fall injury yourself. You have the option to determine what is best for you if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

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