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Slip & Fall Injury Accidents at Walgreens
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A wet floor is certainly the main reason of every slip and fall accident. Though some lucky ones only get casual bruises and bumps, many people end up in hospitals. One out of five slip and fall injuries include broken bones and head trauma. And within the past few years, death rates due to falls has increased by 30 percent. Sounds devastating, right?

Some business and public buildings make use of yellow signs indicating “wet floor” ahead. But those commercial buildings not doing anything about the wet slippery floors should definitely compensate for the victim’s loss.

Slip and Fall Injury at Walgreens

Founded in 1901, Walgreens is one of the biggest drug and convenience stores with over 82,000 locations in all 50 states. Started as a drug store, they’ve now expanded their offerings to groceries and other goods for the customers.   

If you or your loved one was a victim of slip and fall injury at Walgreens, whether there was a warning sign or not, you definitely have the right to sue them for the better good. Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of queries related to slip and fall injury accidents at Walgreens. Some most common questions include:

  • Can I sue Walgreens for slip and fall injury?
  • What is the most practical way of filing a slip and fall claim against Walgreens?
  • Are there any similar slip and fall cases?
  • What is the procedure of suing Walgreens for trip and fall injury?

If you have similar queries in mind, you’ve landed on the right page. Well, the very first step is to contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to address the situation. A lawyer experienced in handling personal injury claims against stores, commercial buildings, and public places will be able to help you file a trip and fall accident claim against Walgreens.

But people who are concerned if they’re able to file a suit against Walgreens, keep following to learn more about slip and fall accidents at places like Walgreens.

Store Responsibility to Shoppers

According to the store policy of Walgreens, every employee of the store including the owner must ensure that people within the store premises remain safe. Walgreens has the liability to make the inside and outside of the store including parking lots and sidewalks safe for the customers.

For this, the store authorities must address the potential for any expected accidents on the store premises. As we’re specifically talking about slip and fall injury accidents, it is the responsibility of an employee to either place a yellow warning sign in case of a spill on the floor. In doing so, it shows that store management is trying their best to keep the customers safe and sound.

But if an employee responsible for the cleanliness of the store ignores a spill on the floor, he/she has clearly violated their duty to all people inside the store. And if by any chance, this negligence results in a slip and fall accident, the victim can sue the store for compensation.

Whether we’re talking about Walgreens or any retail store around you, it is the duty of store management and employees to keep shoppers safe from harm. If neglected, the situation can easily be linked to breach of duty and can be addressed in court accordingly.

Reasons Your Life Can be Compromised at Walgreens

It seems pretty normal to visit Walgreens, shop, and return to your house without any harm, isn’t it? But you’d be surprised to know that shoppers are at great risk falling on the floor as soon as they step in Walgreens.

In 2012, Jenny Munoz-Guzman tripped and fell on the floor at Walgreens’ in Volusia County, Florida. The reason was the wet floor and Jenny took the accident to the county court. The case was later moved to state court. In the end, Jenny was given $25,000 – half of what she asked for. In a nutshell, both parties were held responsible for the consequences.  

Similarly, a 64-year-old man was awarded $135,000 when he fell off a slick ice patch at Walgreens sidewalk. This slip and fall injury accident resulted in a hand fracture and shoulder injury which required a prolonged physical therapy and surgery as well.

Generally, stores and public places are assumed to be safe. As discussed earlier, stores like Walgreens must abide by a strict policy to keep customers safe. But there are certain hazards store management and employees cannot address before an accident takes place.

In this regard, the following is a list of some reasons you might be a victim of Walgreens slip and fall injury accident.

  • Slippery or Wet Floor: Slippery floor is one of the main reasons for slip and fall accidents at Walgreens – especially in the bathroom. Paper towels, spilled water, and dirty floor can cause a visitor to slip and fall on the floor.
  • Improperly Maintained Premises: While store management and employees work hard in keeping the in-store a safe place, people may be at risk in the parking lots and sidewalks of the store. When the parking lots or sidewalks aren’t maintained for a long time, the store is liable to compensate for an accident there.
  • Wet Entrance & Exits: Entrance and exit of Walgreens are often crowded and even a slightly wet floor can cause someone to trip and fall. Thereby, it is recommended to make use of leather carpets to avoid letting dirt inside the store – preventing slip and fall injury accidents to much extent.
  • Vending Machines: Walgreens has several vending machines installed at each store. If the vendors maintaining vending machines stock the items on the floor, shoppers can get injured at Walgreens.
  • Vulnerable Grocery Section: Grocery section is the most vulnerable area at Walgreens. If an item falls off the shelves and spill on the ground, it is the responsibility of store management to clean it ASAP. And if neglected for a long time, shoppers may slip and fall. Similarly, if a price sign falls on the floor, a fall accident may occur – most of the times, its children hitting the unnecessary signs laying on the floor.

Though most of the slip and fall accidents cannot be predicted, the store management and employees can at least take adequate measures for the above-mentioned scenarios. If you’re a victim of a slip and fall injury accident at Walgreens, make sure to contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  

Filing a Slip and Fall Injury Accident Claim

If you or any of your loved ones were injured in a slip and fall accident at Walgreens, now is the right time to talk to a slip and fall personal injury lawyer and gather all required evidence. If you managed to confront the manager or an employee of the store at the time of the accident, it’s a plus for you. This means that Walgreens acknowledged your accident and you have a better chance at perusing the case for the better good.

Also, make sure to call for medical help as soon as possible and try not to move as it can worsen the situation. During the treatment, make sure to keep a record of your medical receipts – showcasing the expenses you had to go through because of the injury.

You can not only sue Walgreens for the medical expenses but the expenditures you’re facing by staying at home/hospital and not continuing with your job. Sounds fair enough? So, don’t wait for a second anymore and hire a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer to file a claim.

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