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West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

car accident two carsNo one expects to be involved in a car accident, but statistically, it is something you will likely experience at some point. Car accidents can range from minor fender benders to devastating crashes that involve the loss of life. It is not always easy to get the compensation you deserve after a wreck.

Those statistics are why you need the expertise of a law firm familiar with handling car accidents. The Injury Firm has years of experience in helping their clients receive the compensation they deserve for any injury sustained during an accident. If you are injured in an accident, you deserve someone willing to fight hard for you when you may not be able to fight for yourself. Your consultation with The Injury Firm is free, so if you think you may have a claim, schedule a consultation as soon as possible: 954-951-0000.

Car accidents can be complicated and involved in nature. There may be more than one party who is responsible. A combination of factors and people could cause an accident. You want someone who is experienced in determining who is liable and who knows how to research and investigate all aspects of the accident. Let our team, with years of professional experience and resources to carry out the investigation. There is often information that is vital to the resolution of the claim that will not be made available to you. The Injury Firm knows how to find all the information that will help you get the fair settlement you deserve.

Car accidents are traumatic and victims are often confused about what to do. The first thing is to make sure you are physically okay. You should always visit a hospital or health care provider right away after an accident. Adrenaline from the accident can mask many injuries. In addition, some injuries may not reveal themselves right away. 

The Injury Firm will take the guesswork out of how to proceed if you are injured in a car accident. After reviewing the case, if you are entitled to compensation, the law firm will:

  • Collect all medical records related to your injury.
  • Look at the driving history of the at-fault party.
  • Retrieve and review the accident report filed by the West Palm Beach police department.
  • Work with insurance adjusters to ensure that you receive fair compensation.
  • Find and interview witnesses to the accident.

Even relatively minor car accidents can and do result in injuries. Some of the most common injuries that occur due to a vehicle accident are:

  • Whiplash—you may feel sore the day after a car crash, and think it is perfectly normal. It might be, or it could be the result of whiplash. Whiplash is a term used to describe the damage done to muscles and ligaments during a sudden impact. It can be mild and resolve in a few days, or it can be severe enough to keep you out of work for some time.
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruising—these can be minor and resolve on their own, but some lacerations can be serious and pose a risk of infection and scarring.
  • Broken bones—depending on the severity of the accident, you can have one or more broken bones.
  • Head injuries—a head injury is among the most dangerous things to incur. Head injuries can result in long-term disability.
  • Internal bleeding—blunt force trauma sustained in an accident can result in internal bleeding that has the potential to be life-threatening. Symptoms of internal bleeding do not always manifest right away, which is one reason why it is essential to see a health care provider right away.
  • Neck and back injuries—these types of injuries can have life long implications. Depending on the injury, it can be hard to determine how much improvement you will have and how long it will take to reach maximum recovery.

This is not a comprehensive list of injuries that can be sustained during a car crash. There can also be mental health implications such as an increase in anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being involved in a collision. Insurance companies know that some types of injuries can leave a lasting impact, or can take time to manifest. That is why they will often attempt to rush you to settlement. You must talk with a knowledgable personal injury attorney before dealing with an insurance company.

The insurance company is not on your side, and their goal is to settle the case for the smallest possible amount. They will also attempt to skew your responsibility in the accident to work in their favor.  Let The Injury Firm take care of getting you the best possible settlement while you focus on recovery.

If you, or a loved one, sustains a serious injury from a car accident, the last thing you need to do is try to negotiate or handle insurance claims. Let our team of legal experts take care of the case so that you focus on caring for yourself or your loved one. We will keep you informed through each step of the process, and you can be assured that someone is looking out for your best interest.

Call today for your free case evaluation – if we take your case and don’t win, YOUR OWE NOTHING!! 954-951-0000.

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Toll-free: 833-332-1333

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