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West Palm Beach Storm Water Damage Lawyers

roof damage caused by stormThere are multiple ways that stormwater can damage your property. For example, rain can damage electronics if your roof develops a leak. Alternatively, hurricane-force winds can create a storm surge that enters your property.  If this has occurred, you are entitled to compensation. However, this legal area can be quite complex. Let’s look at some of the ways you can navigate an insurance claim.

Try To Prevent Further Damage

It can be confronting to find that your home has been damaged by water. When you discover this, you should try to prevent further damage to your belongings. Many insurance policies will place obligations on homeowners to take action to prevent further damage. Failure to do this might cause your claim to get rejected. To understand what your obligations might be, you might want to consult with your West Palm Beach Storm Water Damage Lawyer.

Before you enter a room, consider the potential danger. For example, if an electrical appliance was damaged, there might be electricity in the water. You should move slowly, as it can be easy to slip and fall. Once you are confident that the area is safe, you should remove any excess water from your property. You might also want to start to remove any damaged furniture. You can also use fans to dry out the room and prevent mold from growing. If your windows or roofing was damaged by hurricane-force winds, you should use tarping to prevent more water from entering the property.

Check Your Insurance Policy

First, you should check your insurance policy to find the kinds of damages that you are covered for. Most policies offer coverage for most types of water damage. For example, you can be covered for; burst water main, faulty appliances, toilet leaks, and faulty plumbing. Though they might not cover flood damage. If you were damaged by floodwaters, you might need to consult a separate policy. Generally, the policy will define flood water as any waters that were on the ground prior to damaging your property. However, this description can be vague. For this reason, you might still be able to get compensation through insurance claims.

When assessing your insurance policy, you should also try to figure out what exclusions and limitations might apply. As you read through the claim, you might find sections that are convoluted or unclear. If this occurs, you should contact a lawyer. They will be able to explain your obligations further. This will give your claim the best possible chance of getting approved.

Take Pictures Of The Damage

You should make sure to keep a record of what was damaged. You should also gather as much information about each object as possible. For example, you should present any receipts that you have. This can be used to verify that you own the item. You should also take pictures of any damage. This might be used to assess the extent of the problem. If structural damage occurred, you should gather estimates to determine how much it will cost to have the property repaired. If a large amount of water entered the property, take a picture of the height that the water reached.

In some cases, water damage might lead to additional damages. For example, if a window gets broken by hurricane-force winds, rain can enter your property. However, it can also be used by thieves to steal your possessions. If this occurs, you can file an additional claim for stolen belongings with your insurance company.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you discover the damage, you should contact your insurance company as promptly as possible. This will ensure that you receive compensation as quickly as possible, so you can afford to repair the damages. Also, some insurance companies will have limits on how long you have to submit a claim. If you don’t report the damage within this timeframe, the insurance company might not give you any compensation. Your insurance company will generally have multiple steps to complete before you can file insurance claims. However, they will be able to guide you through these steps. You might want to use the services of water damage lawyers to help you prepare your insurance claim.  Once your claim has been completed, they will assess it. In some cases, this may involve sending someone to visit your property to inspect it. For many people, this is where the process ends. However, in some cases, the insurance will deny or underpay the claim. In this case, you should contact a water damage lawyer.

Contact A Property Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer

Sadly, some insurance companies might try to maximize profits by acting in bad faith. There are usually three ways that this occurs. First, they can deny your insurance claim. Second, they might try to delay it for an unreasonable period of time. Third, they might try to offer a low amount of compensation. If this occurs, you should contact West Palm Beach Storm Water Damage Lawyers. They will be able to look at your case and consider your unique circumstances. By re-assessing your case, they will be able to understand if the conduct of your insurance company was in bad faith. If they decide it was, there are multiple actions that they can take. This will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

If your property gets water damage, it can be devastating. Often, your possessions will be damaged. In some cases, the water might even cause structural damage to the property. Making repairs can be a difficult, costly process. Thankfully, many insurance claims cover water damage. However, getting this compensation can often be a long, complex process. Thankfully, the lawyer at The Injury Firm, in Florida, can help you get the compensation that you deserve. They offer an experienced team that will be able to guide you through every step of the insurance claims process. They can also help if your insurance company acts in bad faith. So, get in touch with the friendly team today so you can start recovering from any water damage you experienced.


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