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What the Store Should Have Done to Prevent Your Slip and Fall

We have all seen the little yellow stands in stores warning us of a wet floor when there has been a spill but is that really enough to stop a busy shopper having an accident that causes them to suffer an injury and requiring the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer?

 It is not always the more obvious spillage or leaking freezer that causes a wet floor hazard that is the only problem. Uneven ground or worn and torn carpets or mats are just as likely to cause someone to fall over and injure themselves, as well improper lighting so that you cannot see where you are walking, obstacles and debris or potholes in the parking garage. Here we look at what the store should have done to prevent your slip and fall.

All stores, malls, supermarkets, restaurants and any other business the public visit must have insurance against injury claims, and these can have high pay-out limits. It is therefore not surprising that the insurance companies want to know what each company’s procedures and practices are to keep the public safe before they give a price for the policy. All businesses should have their own procedures and safety training in place, and this is what the insurance companies will consider before issuing the insurance. It is also necessary that these businesses have premises liability insurance.

So now we know that we should be safe because there is training and procedures in place to keep us that way, we should be able to shop without worry, but if you are one of the many people who have had a slip and fall accident while out shopping you know this is not the case and you may have need of a slip and fall personal injury lawyer to help you make a claim for the right compensation for your injury and recuperation time.

Prevention is always better than cure so shops should have a policy of making regular checks of the premises on a daily or more frequent basis. These checks should consist of checking all carpets and mats are not damaged or frayed, and that there is no uneven ground that someone could trip over.

If any hazard is found the next step is to make sure that it is properly and clearly marked to warn people of the hazard. Once this is done the store should take immediate steps to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. If this will take a while the warning signs should be checked regularly to make sure they have not been inadvertently moved or fallen down.

Regular cleaning should make sure that all floors are clean of grease or spills in all areas of the business. While this is done daily in most areas, the rest rooms and isles, shelves and floors should be checked and cleaned as an ongoing process throughout the day. These cleans should be thoroughly recorded stating whether the areas were checked or cleaned, when and who by. All the cleaning products used should at least meet industry cleaning standards to make sure the cleaning is done thoroughly and without greasy residue. Any additional cleaning due to spills or leakages of freezers for examples should also be recorded at the time.

Any stairs, escalators or elevators should all be checked regularly and again records kept. Elevators and escalators should be regularly serviced by the relevant services and again everything documented.

Lights should be checked regularly to ensure there are no places with poor lighting especially on stairs, escalators and in elevators but this is also important in the main store and in outdoor areas such as parking lots and any garage parking and related walkways.

Outside is just as important as inside the store for safety, and surfaces should be regularly checked in parking lots, garages and walkways for any hazards such as potholes, water or debris and the same precautions taken if any hazard is found. That is marking the hazardous area and having warning signs all round for people to be aware of the danger and then repairs or cleaning done as soon as possible to remove the hazard. Again, it is important that any warning signs are checked regularly to make sure they are still in place.

Finally, if there is any threat that a crime may be committed on the property which would endanger a member of the public the store should employ enough security staff to ensure this does not happen. This is another reason for all outdoor and garage lighting to be checked regularly and working at all times.

Having all these procedures and policies in place is no good unless all members of management and staff are aware of them and trained what to do when discovering a hazard or carrying out preventative procedures. The store is responsible to carry out proper training of all it’s staff not only in the carrying out of these procedures but also in making them aware of the importance of immediate reporting and documentation of any potential dangers or accidents.

In the same way the store should make sure all the staff is aware that all government inspections and tests should be carried out, recorded and approved without delay when required.

The staff training should also include what to do in the case of a member of the public having an accident. Everyone should be aware what to do, who and where to call and to offer medical help to any injured person.

Even with all this in place if you should have a fall in a shop or business due to a dangerous or hazardous situation in Fort Lauderdale and are injured, you will require the help of a personal injury lawyer to make a claim against the business. A Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer will help establish the facts of your fall and your injuries so that they can establish whether the store or business followed their procedures correctly. Proving negligence is the best way to prove your case because unfortunately all the procedures and processes in the world did not save you from that fall, so somewhere something went wrong with the training of staff or implementing of procedures and you are the person who is paying the price with injury, being incapacitated and having to have time off work. Don’t hesitate, call The Injury Firm for a free case evaluation; if we take you case, you pay nothing.  We get our fee from the settlement.  And, if we don’t win your case, you owe nothing!!

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