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In a report released in August 2018, it showed there are 4.7 million dog bites every single year (just within the United States). Considering the population currently sits at around 326 million, this means that one in every 69 will experience a dog bite each year. Of course, some bites will be smaller than others but it’s thought that 800,000 of these cases require medical attention of some sort. With this in mind, it’s important to know more about your rights and what happens after a dog bite.

Potential Injuries From Dog Bites

When we think of dog bites, the common injury is likely to be superficial wounds, cuts, and scrapes on the skin. However, the problem goes further than this because a dog bite can cause us to fall over, lose balance, and lead to other injuries such as broken bones, concussion, and internal injuries. Even after this, there’s always a risk of infection with the wound and this leads to even more health problems.

Florida State Law Regarding Dog Bites

In the most serious of cases, the victim is left paying out for medical care as well as potentially missing out on earnings after not being able to work. If this is something you’re going through right now, you need to understand the intricacies of Florida state law because you may be able to receive money for damages. As long as you partner with a reliable personal injury attorney, like The Injury Firm, you can build a case that allows you to get the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, like many areas of law, dog bites can be a little confusing in Florida. Why? Because each case is unique in location (both geographically and physically), extent, and cause. While one dog bite will cause a nasty gash, another may cause a broken bone; the recovery time for the latter will be significantly longer.

For the most part, the aim will be to resolve the case with an insurance claim against the owner; this has difficulties of its own because the insurance company won’t be willing to pay out any more than necessary. If you choose to go it alone, there’s a danger of receiving no compensation at all because you won’t be ready for the tactics insurance companies tend to use. Since professionals know the rules and understand how the process works, you should always put your case in the best possible hands.

From the moment you get in contact with the Fort Lauderdale dog bite attorneys at The Injury Firm, they’ll gather as much information as possible to leave you in the best possible position for recovering costs. As well as the basics, they’ll also know to inform you not to talk to the insurance company because they may try to make light of what happened and make the injury not sound so bad. If the insurance company can get you on record as saying something like this, even if you’ve been confused into saying it, the damage to the dog bit personal injury case can be tremendous.

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At The Injury Firm, we understand how this area of law operates and we want to help you get the money you deserve. Generally speaking, the burden of responsibility falls with the dog owner if their pet causes harm to somebody. If you were bitten by a dog, either on public or private land (assuming you had permission to be on the land), you could recover money for medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and even lost wages.

You shouldn’t have to suffer when you’re the innocent party; feel free to get in touch with the personal injury law experts here at The Injury Firm to start the journey!