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Watercraft - Boating Accident Personal Injury Attorneys Fort Lauderdale

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Over the years, The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale has helped thousands of personal injury victims including those who have suffered from a boating accident in the Fort Lauderdale, Broward county area. With this experience and the skills required, we know how to proceed in the right way and you will have a fully-qualified and boating accident injury professional service by your side.

Unfortunately, Florida tops of the list of states when it comes to boating accidents and the majority are caused by a lack of understanding of the watercraft themselves. If we are ever to see a decrease in the amount of boating incidents, education is pivotal but Florida still has no minimum requirements for people under a certain age or for boats of a certain length. Ultimately, this means thousands of people with little experience and knowledge find themselves in charge of watercraft every single year; many don’t even know how to act when another boat is coming straight towards them.

Although there are certain safety precautions such as safety vests and so-called ‘kill switches’, these aren't utilized in the majority of cases; a kill switch shuts down the boat's engine should the driver be thrown from their position. Thanks to our boating accident injury experience, we know the boating laws and everything we need to know surrounding boating.

Types of Boats? - Of course, ‘boat’ is a fairly open term but The Injury Firm has boating accident experience with tenders, yachts, personal watercraft such as jet skis, cabin cruisers, airboats, go-fast boats, center console runabouts, inflatable boats, paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes.

Boating Injuries - All things considered, boating is a dangerous activity and there are many different boating injuries that can be sustained. With the boat being on the water, most believe they have considered every eventuality but this simply cannot be the case because we have first-hand experience of the different things that can happen. For example, injury can come from;

  • Hitting a huge wave at the wrong angle or speed
  • Hitting propellers
  • Riding too fast
  • Ejecting after trying to navigate in harsh weather
  • Poor boat design
  • Damaged boat equipment
  • Not watching over the skier
  • Failing to recognize navigational rules
  • Hitting another boat
  • Having too many people on-board
  • Hitting a pier, bridge, or any other fixed object

If you’ve been involved in a boating accident recently and sustained personal injury, you may be able to recover lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering. Ultimately, it will depend on your role on the boat and how the accident occurred. For example, were you employed to ride the boat or were you simply a guest? If your boating injuries were caused by negligence in one form or another, it’s likely you will be owed an amount of compensation.

Whether it’s yourself or a loved one, we highly recommend getting in touch if you’ve been involved in a boating accident. Regardless of whether it came from time on a boat, yacht, personal watercraft, or any other watercraft, The Injury Firm is here for you and we’ll use our experience to get the result you deserve. By your side, you need boating accident attorneys who will assess your case and then make the right decisions on your behalf and this is what we will do from start to finish. To prevent you from going it alone and risking the guilty party taking advantage of you, we’ll guide you through from the very first step.

Can a Fort Lauderdale Boating Accident Attorney help you?

If you have any questions or want some more information about the best Fort Lauderdale boating accident attorney, please contact The Injury Firm today on 954-951-0000 or you can find us at 2000 N.E. 45th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308.

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